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Legalism, What Does the Bible Teach?

By Peter Wesson

In religious circles, legalism, legalist, and legalistic are often thrown around as putdowns.  When somebody thinks someone is being too strict, the person is called… 709 more words


Love Over Laws


‘Oh, hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” the lady shouted, hopping about in extreme ecstasy.

We were all witnesses of it, and although we weren’t jumping about like her, we were all just about as excited as she was, considering all she had been through since we had known her. 838 more words

Restore Me

At this time last week I would have never expected I’d be writing this post today. It just didn’t seem possible. There appeared to be too much sin and too much hardness of heart.   961 more words


I'm not being legalistic. I'm just being real.

by Chris Martin
So often, I think about the things I say, do, participate in, and watch, and I wonder: If Jesus was right there beside me in the flesh, would I still do them? 671 more words


About me

Thanks for reading my blog. Here’s a little intro to me.

I grew up in a Christian family.  My parents were in ministry from 6 months after they were married for over 30 years.   1,138 more words

Amidst the Rubble

As I sit to write this post, with a certain topic in mind, I see a memory of a video I saw once on Youtube of the rescue of an abused pit bull.  1,417 more words