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Of Latte, Lack, and Love

Latte love is fierce. I still remember my first encounter, at a restaurant called The Buff in Boulder, Colorado. The eatery’s name is not about a state of undress, although marketing types could not resist a tagline making the pun. 725 more words

June 8th, My Conviction, is that I Lack Conviction

Before I explain the title of this entry, we must first understand what is a conviction & what does conviction mean?

In a court of law it means a final judgment, “I hear by convict (judge, declare) you guilty!” But as a… 797 more words


Money-Man Dave Ramsey Sets His Followers Up For Failure

When you are a Christian with half a million Twitter followers, your tweets should be the product of careful consideration. Unfortunately I don’t think Dave Ramsey always does that, as… 576 more words