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Blogger vs. Journalist: Tomato - Tomahto?

Lately it seems that the terms “blogger” and “journalist” are used interchangeably.  Both can be keen users of digital media. Both write intriguing, informative pieces on current events, politics, and the like. 664 more words


A Green World

Hello there, high kid. No I didn’t just say hello twice, you’re just that stoned, and I’m happy for you. Now, allow me the honor of invading your brain and filling it with random ideas that you can transcend upon in your heightened stupor. 358 more words

Just For Fun

The Callback. Sike!

Sometimes, it never comes.  You talk to someone and they say they can unequivocally help you.  They say they know people who can help you.  And if they can’t find anybody else, they promise they themselves will help you.  360 more words


B2 research chemical

B2 is one of the best selling products around. It has an extremely high purity and is active at the lowest dose. B2 is 100% legal in the UK when used in laboratory conditions. 10 more words

A Clarification from Brad OH Inc.

Well, this little slice of paradise has been pretty active lately. ‘Under the Green Desk Lamp’ is a new series we are presenting here at Brad OH Inc. 201 more words

Requisite Things

It Was Legal to Kill al-Awlaki

On September 30, 2011, Anwar al-Awlaki was killed by a Hellfire missile fired by the US government, even though al-Awlaki was nominally a U.S. citizen at the time.  122 more words

Enemies Of Freedom

Morality or Law

American Law and Economic Review present a description of these 2 elements as to their role or perspective.


My take from the article is these are 2 fundamentally different approaches to the same problem, controlling behavior. 472 more words