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On November 4, voters in several states could break down restrictions on a drug once known for Reefer Madness. In Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC, voters will decide if they want to usher in  52 more words


Hesitance and Fear and Cowardice in Oregon, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

I have no personal interest in marijuana. Can’t smoke it; don’t want to eat it.

But the idea of persecuting people for their simple pleasures strikes me as obviously unjust, and bespeaks of a busy-bodyism that I loathe. 772 more words

Ideological Currents

Prosecutor, Former Corrections Official, Teacher/Mother - End Prohibition on Marijuana

I’m voting yes on 2 this November. See the Official Election Pamphlet for full text of initiative, plus statements in favor and in opposition.


2014 Florida Election Pot & Potty Talk - Medical Marijuana and Flushing Governor Rick Scott Down the Toilet Metaphorically for Less Crap

Potty talk on the 2014 Florida Elections, well, the shit is flying everywhere. The toilet is backed up and both candidates are full of it. Unfortunately, for sake of simplicity, we’re left with only two bad choices and can only wipe our ass with one. 730 more words

Current Events

Cato report on CO: little change after legal weed

Legal weed in Colorado has had little discernible impact on youth, public safety and government spending, according to a new report by a Harvard professor… 368 more words


NFL May Be Ready to Loosen Up On Pot

ESPN’s Dan Graziano recently reported that the NFL is considering loosening up its anti-marijuana policy. Less severe punishments would be doled out for violations and the threshold to test positive would increase. 335 more words

Marijuana Law

All You Need to Know About the Vote on November 4th

Alaska: Ballot Measure 2

  • Age: 21+
  • Regulator: Marijuana control board established
  • Amount: Posses up to 1 ounce or 6 plants
  • Tax: $50 per ounce
  • Polling: Most recent poll shows no clear leader…
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