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New York Could Be Next To Legalize Cannabis

An article by Matt Ferner in the Huffington Post states that New York could legalize the recreational use of cannabis in 2015.

NY State Senator Liz Krueger will introduce the… 613 more words

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Police Chief Calls for Legalized Marijuana in Wisconsin

Source: Collapse.com

A police chief in Wisconsin has taken a stance you might not expect from someone in his position. He thinks marijuana should be legal in his state. 214 more words


Australia’s Prime Minister Announces Support for Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Meanwhile, here in Canada where marijuana is available everywhere, our anachronistic  troglodytes that make up the Conservative Party are prosecuting Owen Smith for baking marijuana cookies. 192 more words


Poll: D.C. Voters Strongly Favor Pot Legalization

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new poll shows that District of Columbia residents favor legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. 114 more words


"Drugs and the Meaning of Life" by Neuroscientist and Writer Sam Harris

Sam Harris a neuroscientist, writer, and public speaker. In this essay from his website, Harris makes an ethical argument about responsible drug use and his qualified view for legalizing all drugs. 3,698 more words

SF visitors prepare: Airbnb's occupancy tax kicks in October 1st

The long-awaited Airbnb occupancy tax will be mandatory in San Francisco starting October 1st. It won’t affect Airbnb hosts, but visitors will have to pay… 272 more words

7 Ways Cannabis Legalization Has Already Benefited Colorado

I can’t help but compare what is going on in Colorado and our antiquated policies from our unenlightened primitive  Conservatives.

Our anachronistic and ignorant prime minister Harper and his Alberta cowpokes have decided to appeal the decision from  the Supreme Court of BC that ruled” that the federal regulations were unconstitutional because they do not allow patients to use extracts, restricting them to dried marijuana only”: … 684 more words