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The government's block of a planned grow in Norfolk Island has sparked debate

Somewhere in this much-incinerated plant lies valuable medicine: perhaps a treatment for cancer or an antidote to obesity. Prensa 420/Flickr, CC BY-NC
Medicinal cannabis is back in the news again after a planned trial to grow it in Norfolk Island was blocked by the federal government last week. 34 more words

Jay Leiderman

Is Medical Marijuana the Answer to Lowering Healthcare Costs?

… But, that could be about to change potentially thanks to, of all things, medical marijuana.

Source: PabloEvans via Flickr.

According to an abstract… 94 more words

Medical Marijuana

Can Big Pot and Big Alcohol Get Along?

Originally published in Talking Points Memo on August 15, 2014.

On a chilly Sunday evening in early February, as tens of thousands of fans converged on the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, America’s first “Bong Bowl” began. 4,343 more words

NFL player poll: Pot not as dangerous

When President Barack Obama said earlier this year that he does not think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, his words resonated with NFL players. 97 more words

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Is the US Government Looking for Pot Farmers?

The National Institute of Health is seeking “bidders” who can “harvest, process, analyze, store and distribute cannabis” for research purposes.

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Ventura Lawyer Defending Criminal Cases In Federal Court… 14 more words

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Cannabis Cuisine Rises In Wake Of Legalization

There are books about cooking with herbs. And then there are books about cooking with herb.

Yes, we’re talking cannabis cuisine, a small niche in the culinary world but one that is drawing more interest as the legalization movement moves pot closer to the mainstream. 554 more words