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Somewhere I Belong

We live in a world where we’re constantly trying to fit in somewhere. Whether it’s in school or at your job or even in your families, we’re always molding ourselves to the expectations of others, usually at the cost of our personalities and the things we truly love. 938 more words

Selfie Reap

There’s something about standing in a place where countless others have taken selfies over the centuries. It’s both comforting and disconcerting to be such an insignificant selfie-taker in a long, long thread of selfier-takers stretching back to the very beginning of time.  1,092 more words

Video: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Who remembers Legends of the Hidden Temple?

Fun Fact: According the UberFacts only 32 teams successfully completed the final temple run.

You can watch it HERE!


Watch The Worst Run On Legends Of The Hidden Temple Ever

That goddamn pit of despair will get ya every time! Growing up I always got anxiety during the final run in this show and those guys jumping out at you would scare the shit out of me. 37 more words


Legends of the Hidden Temple

After crazy complicated costumes that are researched to death, I’ve decided that a few easy costumes may be in order. The first of which, is actually a partner costume, from the most awesome 90s game show ever – Nickeloden’s  486 more words

Tomb Raider #1

I always like origin stories. There’s always that point where the character needs to choose what they’re going to do with themselves. The same story could make you the villain, could make you vengeful distrustful, hard and cold; it could make you catatonic; or, it could make you something bigger, something better.  286 more words

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