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Meeting Mike

I’m fairly new to climbing.  With a mere 8 years under the belt I am often reminded of just how little time I have spent on the rock when I go to slide shows, read old magazine articles or, like today, get to meet one of the legends of our climbing history and then make the faux pas of knowing absolutely nothing about how they have contributed to the rich history of our wonderful sport. 345 more words

#6 The Myth of Me and You Part 1

Perhaps You Better Start At The Beginning…..

Myth has proved to be something of a problematic entity. Attempts to define it have included superstitious beliefs about supernatural beings or deities or embellished stories that are accounts of actual events and even an instruction manual of ancient, immutable truths for the transcendence of the human soul. 404 more words


Caricature Masters – presenting Gustavo Kuerten

Player presentation #8

Gustavo Kuerten



Note: each attribute has a grade value for hardcourt, grass and clay.

First Serve: 79 80 / … 27 more words


Endymion Recalls

He was a spirit long dead. Along the gloomy, unlit halls of his former home, he wandered with soft and slippered tread. The gilded oval mirrors hanging along the panelled walls caught a pale and passing shadow upon their polished surfaces whenever he glided by; the inhabitants of the house sometimes recalled feeling the eerie cool of an unnatural breeze that would momentarily caress their shoulders as they walked through the gallery upstairs. 889 more words


Book 4: Chapter 12

Very carefully, Brigit moved back the curtains surrounding Culann’s bed and examined his sleeping face in the early morning light.  He did look different.  The planes of his face were harder, sharper.  2,588 more words

Fathers And Sons

American Myths, Legends and Tall-Tales

This summer the Memorial Library is teaming up with the Children’s Library for the Summer Reading Challenge and we will be dazzling you with some A-Mazing book displays and events. 636 more words