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the epic tale of the vikings

erik bloodaxe. bjorn ironside. sweyn forkbeard.

with awesome names like these, is it any wonder the vikings kicked ass? sporting their long hair, arm rings and rancid body odeur, the pagan followers of odin burst out of icy scandinavia in swift, dragon-headed longships and inflicted such grisly punishment on europe that it was put in hospital with a black eye and a bloody nose. 362 more words


Our fears for the new Cannibal Ox album

Cast your mind back to 2001. Years before Run the Jewels, El-P was already a hero of New York’s underground hip-hop scene. Four years had passed since the release of the seminal album… 623 more words


True Story: Native American Women Warriors in American History.

When the Europeans first began arriving on this continent they were amazed that Indian women were very much unlike European women.
Indian women were not subservient to men, they often engaged in work – such as farming and warfare – which the Europeans viewed as men’s work, they had a voice in the political life of their communities, and they had control of their own bodies and sexuality. 778 more words


Top 10 Video Game Myths and Legends

 I love the smell of arcades in the morning.

1) The 1980’s were a crazy time in almost every capacity. Fashion was all puffed out hair and bright neon clothes, the internet was in its infancy, and shadow game companies were collecting information from arcades in Portland. 1,747 more words


How Hilo Hawaii was named

How Hilo was Named as translated by Charlotte Hapai tells the legend of how the town of Hilo Hawaii got its name. This story can be found in the book… 586 more words


Fódhla - finished design

Fódhla is the second shawl in my Irish trilogy shawl set.

She is a sister shawl to Ériu.

She is what I like to call a medium size shawl and she is knit in Emerald Eve a yarn once again from Life in the Long Grass, hand-dyed right here in Ireland. 234 more words