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A Seafarer's Tale

“One minute it was there, and the next it was gone.”

“The Natives say a great fist, the Devil’s hand, reached up out of the waters, grabbed the ship, and pulled it down” 732 more words


Spider's Web

Based on the Ojibwe legend of Asibikaashi, the Spider Woman, a dream catcher is meant to appear as a spider web, one that catches bad dreams and allows good dreams to slide peacefully down the feathers and into a child’s sleeping mind. 58 more words

Beer drinking werewolves? Why not?

The  Varulv, according to Swedish and Norwegian folklore, are werewolves of the North. These beer drinking, baby eating nomads were much feared, and even inspired one of the earliest known trials of a man for being a werewolf. 40 more words

Serial Addiction -- Your Weekly Read

This is Love

I keep falling deeper in love with them.

Especially for you, Lee Sung Min. God bless you wedding!

Love, sincere Pumpkin

I <3 Korea

The Queens Before Me

What I would have given to be a fly on the wall in this room, so I may listen in on this conversation between Toni Morrison and Alice Walker. 240 more words


On Borje Salming, Skate Cuts and Bad Letters

Borje Salming was a great hockey player.  He was a trail blazer, one of the first Swedish players to make an impact in the NHL.  But, I’ll tell you, that sat very poorly with seven-year-old me.   357 more words


Fable Legends Trailer - New Xbox One Fable Game

This is the trailer for the announcement of Fable Legends, a four player co-op online version of Albion exclusive to Xbox One. There might be no Peter Molyne… 20 more words