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The Legend of the Silent Pool

Perhaps that should be: The ‘Legend’ of the Silent Pool. In 1858, Martin Tupper, an author living in Albury in Surrey, published Stephen Langton, A Romance of the Silent Pool. 569 more words


The Bridge (Part Two)

Encouraged that there was only about one mile left in my journey I began to smile at my fears. In the distance I could see a few dim, yellow lights shining, reminding me of home, warmth and food. 1,105 more words



Autor Nella Andriana

Osamdesetih godina 19. stoljeća pojavila se nova riječ: matrijarhat. Ta riječ je kovanica od latinskog mater (majka) i grčkog arhein (vladati) i označuje političku vlast žena u društvu i njihovu dominaciju u obitelji. 4,863 more words


Myths and Legends

I love to read the stories
And legends of long ago
Fables and allegories
The words how they flow Myths of gods and goddesses 266 more words

Not losing Leiden, loving Leiden.

Tonight symbolised the end of a chapter, the end of my exchange at Leiden University. Tonight we had the last of the christmas parties at the international student housing buildings, this was the last time we would all be together. 682 more words



It was such a tiny thing, a speck of a thing, all alone in a soup of darkness. And it was hungry, so very hungry. All it had known in its short life had been this terrible, gnawing emptiness. 324 more words

Short Stories

New Years and The Old House Woods

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. With the season upon us, I will be taking some time with family and friends. 398 more words