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Rise and Rise of Zero Hours Contracts

Updated details here:


Are these contracts positive or negative in your view?

I am aware the Government proposes changes to present legislation to enable those on these contracts can take second or third jobs to ensure they earn some money. 11 more words


Smoke and Mirrors: Wisconsin's actual debt and the fabricated "surplus"

October 20, 2014  by Jon Bluit

After you learn that Wisconsin’s overall debt has increased by at least $1.3 billion since Scott Walker’s first budget went into effect, you’d swear you were at a circus watching clowns (Wisconsin’s media and the Walker Administration) juggle the numbers to magically transform $1.3 billion in increased debt into a “$400 million surplus” and then a “$517 million surplus” that never existed. 1,233 more words

Citizen Media

If the Economy Were An Airliner, What Would Inequality Look Like?

Income inequality is a complete function of government legislation. He who has the gold makes the rules. Corrupt government; that is why the economic, financial and political game is completely rigged against the 99 percent.

An illiberal attack on judicial review - the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2014

If the Liberal Democrats stand for anything, surely they stand for the right of the individual to challenge the exercise of state power.

It therefore beggars belief that Liberal Democrat MPs and Peers would support the government’s current attack on judicial review contained within the… 1,340 more words

Disability Rights

What If We Abandoned Standardized Tests?

Valerie Strauss used her Washington Post column earlier this week to share FairTest’s proposal that we declare an indefinite moratorium on standardized testing so that districts could… 478 more words

October 19, 1914

by Richard van Pelt, WWI Correspondent

As with 2014, 1914 was a mid-term election year. Twenty-nine statewide ballot measures confronted voters, prompting this comment from an out-of-state visitor: 274 more words

World War I In Marion County

What to Do after the Conference: Breakout

This is a breakout with 5 speakers, some of whom have already presented in the main ballroom. Rachelle the Paralyzed Bride is here, along with Ida Cahill and Matthew Rodreick — the other two are my spousal unit (Bruce Hanson) and Corinne Jeanmaire, who is here from the Netherlands. 725 more words