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Notes from the League’s 5th PSPRS Pension Task Force meeting on October 10, 2014

There is a a lot of information from this meeting

From the Grand Canyon Institute…


  • Until 2003, PSPRS assumed a 9% annual rate of return (ASRS assumed 8%).
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UN Gun Treaty to Take Effect?

If I remember correctly,and it appears that I do, the UN Weapons Treaty didn’t pass the US Senate, so, even if Obama signed it, it hasn’t passed legal muster for enforcement in the US. 1,189 more words

Legislative Issues

Comments due on EPA Water Regs, Missouri Update on Same

Just a reminder that we have until 11:30 PM November 14th to comment on the proposed changes to the CWA. This is concerning the change of the meaning of “waters of the United States” and expanding them to include mudholes and puddles, etc. 90 more words

Legislative Issues

Notes from the League’s 2nd PSPRS Pension Task Force meeting on August 15, 2014

 The Purpose of the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Pension

Arizona Revised Statutes § 38-841

Before the establishment of the public safety personnel retirement system, municipal firemen and policemen, employees of the Arizona highway patrol and other public safety personnel in the state of Arizona were covered under various local, municipal and state retirement programs. 196 more words


Notes from the League's first PSPRS Pension Task Force meeting on July 11, 2014

The reasons for the task force:

  • Municipalities pay the largest share of an individual Arizona public safety employee’s pension contributions and these municipal contributions have greatly increased in recent years, causing serious budget concerns for cities and towns…
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Constitution Party Positions on Ballot Amendments

The Constitution Party has put together a good list of the amendments on the upcoming ballot. Please research these before you vote so that you don’t go in blind and only consider the snippet of information given to you on the actual ballot. 1,291 more words

Legislative Issues