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#39 ninjago alarm clock

Welcome back! today I’m showing you my ninjago alarm clock! it is asome all right, button 1 alous time to be set, button 2 is alarm set button 3 adds a hour and button 4 adds  a min. 32 more words

LEGO Enthusiasts!!! BrickFair Ticket Giveaway!

As you can see from the picture below, I love to build with LEGO bricks. When I am stressed or feeling overwhelmed I sit down at my set and work for a few hours. 213 more words

East Coast

I Ain't Afraid O' No Ghost

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood.

Who ya gonna call?

If it’s the Ghostbusters you’re gonna call, then you’re correct. w

Alongside LEGO 21103 DeLorean… 670 more words


Studying Plant Growth Using LEGO Bricks

Researchers from The Iowa State University used LEGO bricks in theirs study to understand environmental effects on plant growth, specifically how variations in climate and soil characteristics affect root growth. 19 more words


When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour...

After my last review of the LEGO Star Wars set, I thought my renewed LEGO collecting passion will die down eventually since there aren’t anything else that catches my eyes.  697 more words


Lego bus stop in London

Today I came across this awesome bus stop. I had heard about it but hadn’t seen it until today.

It’s made of Lego bricks!!!

Let’s have a closer look. 140 more words


Everything is AWESOME: Review of The Lego Movie

I have always loved Lego.  I love building with traditional bricks.  I love old sets and new sets.  There really isn’t any feeling that compares with the feeling of scraping your fingers through a big pile of bricks and watching them jump as the carpeting springs back up or the sound they make when you dump out a big bucket. 994 more words