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Kid Abandonment

Alright guys, I’m back, and let me tell you, I’ve got some stories. In time though. I’m not glued to my COMPUTER. Well, maybe I am, just not to my blog (s). 382 more words

The Woes

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

This beautiful Volvo F88 dropside truck is the work of the fantastically talented Thomas Graafland. Thomas is – believe it or not – a Teen Fan Of Lego, but such is the quality of his building we didn’t feel he needed the ‘Featured TFOL’ accolade (but you can claim it if you like Thomas!). 60 more words



One of our Eurobricks-based Elves returned today clutching this in one claw – with the other held out expectantly for a meal token. It was quite a brave choice by the aforementioned Elf as we don’t tend to blog small Technic creations here, but this is one we’d buy with our own pay packet if it were available. 32 more words


Steam Wars

After yesterday’s history lesson we’re sticking with the historical theme for this post, but at the other end of the Silliness Spectrum!

Star Wars and Steampunk are both pretty nerdy things, but combining the two is a whole new level of nerdidity*. 51 more words


Potato and leek soup and Parmesan garlic wheel

So my eldest turned 5 on Saturday. We had a full on day celebrating with his friends, and the building Lego. So much Lego!
Have you all seen the Lego Movie? 231 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer... in LEGO!

Courtesy of the fantastic Antonio Toscano, feast you eyes on the latest in his series of Lego superhero movie trailers – Guardians of the Galaxy!

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Window Freaks

They live in windows in almost every house in America. They’re called window freaks.