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Beloved Belle

I’d like to present my latest modular, the Beloved Belle, which is named after the wedding dress shop on the ground floor.

It is fully furnished, with the wedding dress shop, two apartments and an almost bare attic.

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Snapped this photo at an actual gold mine in central Nevada while I was there visiting family. Authenticity is key!


Dear Jack: We Actually Let You Open Your Presents At Your Birthday Party

4 years.

Dear Jack,

These days, it’s apparently become the standard not to open your presents at birthday parties; especially if it’s in a rented facility and especially in a bigger city. 338 more words


NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 22 - 1799

Today was an incredible day. In addition to writing a decent amount (no, not enough, but that’s not unusual…), I got to watch Gabe and Abbey perform in their Lego robotics competition today. 150 more words


I am back

With Christmas around the corner/ let’s transform my city with some Christmas awesomeness

Taste Optional

This particular TLCB writer is too young to remember the 1980s, and quite thankful for it he is too. But a gentle mockery of some of TLCB’s more mature staff is not to be missed, and thus today we find ourselves looking at an example of a modified Chevrolet S-10, one of the ‘mini-trucks’ that were all the rage in 1980s America. 89 more words