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LEGO Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I don’t know who Antonio and Andrea Toscano are, though I do know a labor of love when I see one, and their Lego version of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is just that.   22 more words


Teaching Young Children the 3Rs Could be Damaging: Psychologist

Teaching young children the 3Rs may not be the only skills a teacher or parent should be imparting to their young students, but it is hardly damaging. 251 more words


Tiki delights - LEGO

This is a tiki that I created myself out of a LEGO set I acquired from work. It had come with a book we were adding to the catalogue. 23 more words


New Game Weekend: Lego Heroica

Like a couple generations of kids around the world, I grew up on Lego. My childhood was heaped with thousands of little plastic building pieces produced in Denmark and strewn in endless piles on my bedroom floor. 598 more words

Board Games

Interactive Model Builder

The third project, in my third year at university, was a programming assignment, where the choice for a project was extremely broad. We were given a number of different briefs to choose out of, for example, we could choose a research paper and implement it using a Maya plugin. 312 more words


24th April

1184 B.C. the Fall of Troy – we found these very inspiring Lego videos with inpenetrable castles for Troy, dramatic battles and Trojan horses that Lego men can hide in for the Greeks… 53 more words