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Maybe next time

I always try to hide my feelings inside, but maybe next time…

Laying low....

I have about 2,000 more steps to do today and I’d hit 15,000…I probably will get that under my belt before the night is over. 133 more words




One of the best exercises for hitting the glutes and hams is the Romanian deadlift. This deadlift removes the knees from the equation, so the emphasis is all on the hams and glutes. 200 more words


12.20.14 | plaid pants and chuck taylors

Post 719: 354/365

I never get tired of dressing my daughter. I will be very sad when she grows up and starts picking out her own clothes.


Straddled ...

…against the wall – with no where to go, she decided to do something while she was there.


Keep Calm and Work It Out.

Workout #3 – Sky’s Out Thighs Out

Make sure to complete a 10 minute dynamic warm-up…. walking lunges, lunge to hamstring stretch, high knee pull, backpedal calve stretch, side lunges l/r, sumo squat pivot, lunge forearm to floor, walking quad stretch , high knees, buttkickers, side shuffles, karaoke, speed skaters, hip circles, high knee skips , arm circles, mini band walks, etc. 41 more words