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Let's Kick It...

Let’s Kick It…

Do you ever dream? Do you have some hidden passion that you have always wanted to pursue?

The Dalai Lama said, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

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Leia Hill

No one told me about the poop...

Seriously, if someone had told me about all the poop I would be exposed to as a mom I would not have believed them.  Why didn’t anyone tell me about the poop?  868 more words

Leia Agnew Hill

Roles of the Original Stars

There has been great speculation and much rumour recently on the roles that the original stars of the Star Wars trilogy will play in the new movie and how the focus may shift from their generation over to the new generation in Star Wars 7 to pave way for a new story line involving new character in episodes 8 and 9. 343 more words

Star Wars 7

Falcon Brothers by Pickled Circus

Some time ago i posted on Matthew Roby’s “Rebel Rider” print that was available on Etsy. It’s a fun print that i still need to pick up. 88 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Meet Leia!

Leia was 5 months old when we brought her home last July. She was born in a barn and had spent about a month in the Humane Society before we adopted her. 354 more words


New Family Member

So back in August, my hubby and I got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that we named Leia. She was born on July 2nd, and we got her at just 6 weeks old due to her dame passing. 127 more words

Real Life

Pop Culture Poesy

This week I did make it to Barnes and Noble, I am merely late in posting about it. I went earlier in the day than I normally do, and perhaps as a result, my normal table was occupied. 470 more words