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Star Wars more unreal than necessary?

Yes, yes, I know Star Wars is science fiction, but I think it needs to be stated that the emphasis of all six movies to date is heavily on the fiction and fairly light on the science. 589 more words


Communication vs. Media Planning

In the mid-1990’s the world of advertising, public relations, and communication began to see a shift in the way communication and media planning were developed.  1,069 more words

Leia Hill

Christmas shopping, fashion disasters and getting clocked

Star date December 2014

My wife and I went Christmas shopping at the busiest mall in Johannesburg on what was possibly the busiest shopping day of the year. 493 more words


Social Media vs. Traditional Media

Marketing professionals rely on the use of media to deliver messages about their products and services. For years, the use of traditional media stood as the only way to get those messages to the public.  1,014 more words


Ukrainian Star Wars by Andriy Ermolenko

A series of traditional (and rather bizarre) artworks goes pop culture in these great illustrations by the artist Andriy Ermolenko.

Check out Killer Kitsch on… 8 more words


Hayır! Senin baban benim Star Wars

Takıntılı bir adamın hikayesi bu. Yazılarını sadece el yazısıyla ve 2 numara kurşun kalem ile, mavi-yeşil çizgili dosya kağıdına yazan, yazarken tıkanması durumunda ise gerçek anlamda saçını başını yolan bir adamın hikayesi… Oyuncularla çalışmaktan nefret eden bir yönetmenin hayatı… Bu Star Wars’un babasının, George Lucas’ın yaşamı… 669 more words

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Stumbling around the internet, I happened to find a video by Adam Buxton. He recorded a conversation between his 5-year-old daughter and himself talking about Princess Leia’s slave outfit. 502 more words