Tags » Leica 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE F/1.4

At the Santa Claus Parade (the kids strike a pose).

Every so often, I ask them to smile for the camera.

They have been kind to me so far, probably because I don’t bother them the rest of the time. 10 more words


Chalk Messages for Santa, closer.

Photographically speaking, I live for these moments:

The out-of-focus man in the background, in his positioning, is mirroring our foreground chalk messenger.

In actuality, he was reaching down to pick up a fallen football. 104 more words


Making a point.

Making an authoritative point, at the Santa Claus Parade, Toronto.


The Runners (prelude to Santa).

More runners from the race before the Santa Claus Parade.


The Runner (prelude to Santa).

This race took place yesterday in Toronto, before the Santa Claus Parade.

He won by a large margin.

It was quite the day… many smiles and snowflakes.