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Did You See What The American Music Award Told J.Lo and Iggy

It’s crazy that you have to tell people not to show their cracks anymore.

But that’s what happened, the American Music Awards told J.Lo and Iggy Azalea. 7 more words


Kim Kardashian Snow Blower Is The Best Invention Ever

Jimmy Kimmel is a genius yet again. He has created the Kim Kardashian snow blower.

Our favorite part is when it breaks.

Don’t lie you are still laughing, huh???


Kim Kardashian Say's She Wants Another Baby But You Have To Hear How She Is Going To Do It

Kim Kardashian has always said she wants a sibling for North West.

Apparently she is not ready to give up her body she worked so hard to get back. 15 more words


Is There An Affair Happening Inside The Kardashian Group?

Are Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick getting a little to close?

The relationship between the two has been in question lots of times.

Did they finally go to far this time? 11 more words


You Will Never Believe What Mode This Mechanical Arm Goes Into On Live TV

This man was showing things his mechanical arm can do, but I don’t think he meant to put it in this mode.

If you needed a good laugh for the day, this probably did it for you. 35 more words


Women Opens Up Cuddle Shop And You Wont Believe How Many Customers She Already Has

So apparently there is such a thing as a professional cuddler.

She thinks she is so good, she actually opened up a store front. You will never guess how many customers she already has. 19 more words


PIC: Dog Jumps On Back Of Ambulance To Be With His Owner

A Texas farmer called an ambulance, and his dog just had to go. The pup jumped on the back of the ambulance road for a good while before they noticed he was sitting there. 56 more words