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Celebrities Express Outrage Over Sony Canceling "The Interview"

So the hot topic right now is the whole Sony thing. They decided to pull the movie “The Interview” due to terrorist threats to harm movie theaters. 21 more words


Jennifer Lawrence Gets Up Staged By Her Hot Bodygaurd

Have you seen Jennifer Lawrence’s new bodyguard?

The guy is pretty hot, and has a lot of us asking questions.

Do you think he is a good cook? 17 more words


Demi Lovato And Sam Smith Win The Ugly Sweater Battle! Hands Down!

We have all heard of ugly sweater contests and parties.

Demi Lovato and Sam Smith attended a charity event where there was a ugly sweater contest. 18 more words


This Women Divorced Her Husband Because He Wanted Her To Be More Like Kim Kardashian

What would you do if your husband told you he wanted you to be just like Kim Kardashian?

When she refused to do it he cheated on her. 22 more words


New Website Lets You Sell Your Ex's Crap

FINALLY! We have something to do with the awkward things your ex leave at your place when you break up.

There is a website you can sell it on now. 21 more words


This Guy Spent $150,000 To Look Just Like Kim Kardashian. . . . And WOW!

This guy spent $150K to look like Kim Kardashian, and I think he came up a little short.

He said she is the most beautiful women alive, and her skin is flawless. 24 more words


If You've Got $5,000 Lying Around, You Can Buy Elvis's Pubic Hair

If you are a huge Elvis fan, you might find this really cool.

A man on Craigslist is selling Elvis Presley’s pubic hair. He is claiming his ex-wife plucked it herself back in the day. 27 more words