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We Talked To The Teacher Who Did The Viral Video To "Uptown Funk" Hear It HERE!!

We talked to the teacher who was in the “Uptown Funk” video that A. Maceo Smith High School.

The video just got picked up by Time Magazine and is going viral. 64 more words


Watch Channing Tatum Reunite With His Imaginary Friends

Channing Tatum had a imaginary friend when he was little that he talked to all the time.

Well Jimmy Kimmel brought back his imaginary friend and you have to see them reunite after all these years.

The video is pretty funny!


Chris Pratt Targeted For Next Indiana Jones Reboot

Cue the music!

According to Deadline, Chris Pratt, star of Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is being sought to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. 53 more words


All Female Ghostbusters Cast Just Announced

They are talking about filming a Ghostbusters reboot this summer in New York. They are going to make the main characters an all female cast. 46 more words


Did You See The Bachelor Get Called Out And Totally Fall Apart Last Night?

What do you do when you get called out for hooking up with all the girls that want to make out with you on the bachelor? 14 more words


Women Are Using Laughing Gas During Childbirth Now

Women are using laughing gas now to deal with contraction pains during child birth.

Doctors say they like it because the patient can use as little or as much as they need on a case to case basis, and be safe. 27 more words


Craigslisters Are Desperately Searching For Blizzard Cuddle Buddies Up North

When there is a blizzard on the way what do you do? You load up on food, water, and movies while you’re stuck inside your home. 36 more words