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Achieving "Mastery" with George Leonard | Leigh St John

I have read and re-read this book (& watched & re-watched the video) several times since I picked it up, and each time I learn something different, or see something in another light. 128 more words

David Walker - Birds Don't Sing in The Dark

I posted last month, David Walker’s Spectators series in conjunction with the release of his book of the same name. People watching, and people-watching are the core of the series which was shot between 1983-84. 456 more words


Changing text with Jquery after a Div

Is it possible to use JQuery to hide the input elements plus the text after the input? The code is generated, so I cannot change the text, wrap it in a span or alter it in any way. 82 more words

Recent Questions - Stack Overflow

Next GMWRAG meeting in Trafford announced for 2015.

Being ahead of the loop as ever, the GMWRAG web site has already launched it’s Winter snowy look. Admittedly this is because we forgot to turn this tacky feature off but… 160 more words

Welfare Benefits

10.52s - Manu Up

Misili Manu is our first Rugby League player to feature on Genuine Pace, he’s also the first Samoan as we look to broaden the net to bring you more speedsters from around the world. 71 more words


Paddling my own canoe

Back in the 1950s (and onwards) my family used to visit the loveliest of men. He was called Dick Wood and he lived at Leigh (formerly Lyghe) near Tonbridge in Kent. 180 more words


Linguistically speaking

As you may or may not know, I am an ardent fan of EatYourKimchi and have subscribed to them since 2010. Four years later, EYK has undergone facelifts, team additions (Meemers and crew members) and expansions (larger filming studios and even a cafe !), so what I’m trying to say is … 521 more words