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Because Poetry

Happy National Poetry Month!

Occasionally I wonder if we should call poetry something else, likeĀ lexicography gymnastics or maybe the grand sensual buffet. Something sexier, peppier, less likely to make people break out in hives. 653 more words

An Exciting Weekend With Dangerous Women

My idea of a good time is soaring through the air with night witches, galloping through the Old West with outlaws, tailing dangerous dames… 524 more words

Of Snowstorms and Sugarcane

While Dan was soaking up the California sunshine, I’ve been worrying about the weather. I worried that, despite the city’s best efforts, we would run out of salt and the roads would be an icy-hot mess. 729 more words

Celebrate Music: Two Quick Picks

Catalog links may be unavailable on 2/17/14 due to library software upgrades. Please bookmark this post to return to links of interest once the upgrade is complete, and click… 477 more words