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Foundation Term: Week Three

It’s the end of week three at Leiths – as the pressure in the kitchen is mounting, so is the desire for perfection. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, and this week I certainly had my fair share. 437 more words

Foundation Term

Foundation Term: Week One

Ninety six eager, food loving students started the three term diploma this week. I am one of them and excited doesn’t come close. With my Leiths Technique bible in hand, a locker full of pressed chef whites and a shiny set of Japanese damascus knives – the journey has begun. 539 more words

Foundation Term

Week 2 day 1: Disaster day!

I can’t believe i have a blog! I actually manage to have a website which looks like one! For anyone who doesn’t know me I am completely useless with new technology and in particular with pc’s (i have no patient either!) That’s why I am very excited, I have managed to have something written already! 164 more words

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Millionaire Shortbread

Sono rientrata da 5 giorni oramai.

Dopo due mesi a Londra, i luoghi che sono solita chiamare casa mi sembrano sconosciuti. Cammino per le vie della mia città sentendomi persa, a casa continuo a fare avanti e indietro senza ricordarmi dove sono le cose di cui ho bisogno (anche in cucina… roba da non crederci!). 470 more words