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Leliana's Leg Armor - Working with Worbla

I consider myself a highly competent seamstress. But a prop-maker or armor-smith? Not so much. Leliana is the first costume I’ve wanted to make that required armor. 722 more words


Leliana's Bow - my first prop!

Now that I have started playing Dragon Age Inquisition, I know that Leliana occupies her time behind the scenes with secrets and agents. She does get to join a few missions and I recently played through “In Hushed Whispers” quest which Bioware featured last summer in game-play demos. 530 more words


Mnemophobia: Chapter Three

Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition (spoiler warning!)
Inquisitor: Ros Trevelyan, necromancer
Chapter: 3
Word Count: 2563
Rating: PG-13 (mild swearing — no NSFW this time around, sorry) 2,670 more words



Get a snack, cause my feelings about this lady get complicated.

My Warden didn’t care much for Leliana. It was just Kartane’s nature and her general disdain for the Maker and all associated frippery. 1,619 more words

Dragon Age

Character Growth - Dragon Age: Leliana and Morrigan

Note: This article contains some pretty huge spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age: Origins.

My love for the Dragon Age series is undoubtedly fueled by the characters. 685 more words