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What Lemmings Can Tell Us

Ah, regard the noble Lemming.

The Lemming is a four ounce fur ball with a single minded determination that often proves to be its undoing.  Do you remember a teacher, or parent asking, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?”  Well, if you’re a lemming, you’ll happily march, nose-to-butt off the nearest cliff. 657 more words

James L'Etoile

Lemming My Eggo

Sometimes I feel a bit like a lemming who looks around and says, “Hey. Sup with that cliff, yo?”

Is there free will? If not, then it sucks to be you. 223 more words


Weird Creature Weekend

Last night at dinner, teenage daughter had us in tears of laughter as she described her first experience of lemmings in a biology class.

These cute little Arctic rodents were shown in the biology class video to be jumping off a cliff in mass suicide fashion. 523 more words


Don't Be A Lemming. Find Your Own Path.

Friday, 3pm, and it’s been a long work week. The work hasn’t necessarily been that draining, but the hours of beige and stale bleakness, of going through the movements, has been numbing in an exhausting way. 862 more words

Francis M Wade Lemming

Francis M Wade Lemming
b. 27 March 1861, Medina Township, Warren County, Indiana, to Ephraim and Ann (Henry) Lemmings
d. 26 July 1937, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California… 208 more words


Wilders of de theorie van hoe realistisch elke vorm van absurditeit is

Jeroen, hoe verklaar je de angst voor Europa?

Er bestaat een heel erg perverse dwerg. De strontknotsen die zijn lichaam verlaten, zadelen hem op met een verschrikkelijke fantoompijn. 242 more words

Lemmingen + Memlingen

Conquering Lemmings with Butter London Wallis

I am so lucky to live near not ONE but TWO nail polish addicts who are wonderful and generous people. The two Emmas are excellent coffee companions on a fairly regular basis and I even got to go for a snoop through Emma H’s stash a couple of weeks ago – it’s insane. 392 more words