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Lemon Meringue Pie

There’s nothing like Southern cooking!  And for those of you who know Kevin, there’s nothing like having “secrets” to your cooking.  This is by far the favorite title of any cookbook he has yet to cook from.  186 more words


It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas........

I  love Christmas, it does seem to begin earlier every year though. This last week my facebook timeline has been awash with people showing their lovely decorations and trees. 289 more words


Marinated Green Olives ~ Cypriot Style

I first tasted these years ago at the home of a very good friend.  Her mother always had a pot of these marinating in the fridge.  883 more words

Olive Oil

Soothing a Cold

Coughs and colds, it’s the time of year for them isn’t it? The moody weather this year isn’t helping this year I don’t think, temperatures seem to be fluctuating lot throughout the day, we’re adding layers, then taking them away just as quickly. 321 more words


Vegan "Gu"

This past spring, I ran my first marathon. I spent months training and trying Gu so that I would know exactly what would work. I had it down to an art: mocha, chocolate, or vanilla cliff gel every 5K starting at mile 6. 288 more words


Caring for Your Copper Cookware

Now that you have a set of those amazing Lagostina copper pots (or some other brand)… how do you take care of them?

The most important thing to remember is to… 898 more words

Canadian Tire