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Freezing Lemon Zest

In the spring and summer, many a glass of lemonade is poured in my kitchen.  I’m one of those people who will try to use every bit of something if I can so I zest my lemons (and limes, one or two limes is the key to good lemonade) before I squeeze out all the juicy goodness.   79 more words


Ten calorie soda review

The 10 calorie line is new on the market and I hope it stays. It features a nice line up of sodas including RC cola, 7up, A&W root beer, Canada Dry ginger ale, Dr Pepper and Sunkist. 32 more words


Sunday Neutral Sunday

I’ve got to say that I wish all this back and forth weather would just stop. 65 one day, 35 the next. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have this than a polar vortex (knocks on wood), but the inconsistency…. 46 more words


The best thing about armchair travel

This, my fatheads, is the best thing about armchair travel.You get to put gorgeous photos taken by real travelers on your blog. With permission, of course. 1,025 more words