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Warm Lemon Water

Warm lemon. I drink. Water. Big cup. Yellow. Every. Morning. Refresh. Detox. Cleanse. Rewind. Queen Afua. Healing vibe. NY. I miss…There are no bridges here.

To Your Health

Drunken Truth

Samuel ‘ Believe me.. I felt like slapping my CEO hard’

Morris ‘You are drunk.. You don’t mean it’

Samuel gulps more liquor

Samuel ‘I mean it.. 258 more words

Lemon infused water

I’ve noticed that most commercialized juices actually contain very little juice! For that reason we have steered away from it in our family… The kids enjoy water but also miss their beloved juice, so I’ve started infusing water! 97 more words

Michelle Perkins


Yum! Organic eggs, pepper, salt, cayenne pepper, feta cheese, cilantro, and cucumbers with yummy yummy lemon water and peach tea! 🍳🌿🍋🍑🍵☕️ I did have some coffee as well.

Dried herbs are back!!!

and we couldn’t be more excited!

more mint has dried and we also dried some lemon rinds to make lemon mint detox water. The basil is almost all dried, probably another week and it’ll be back in stock. 87 more words

52 Simple Ways to Be Healthier

Big changes are often daunting and hard to fold into your everyday life; they are simply not sustainable. Try a new healthy habit a week. These are small changes that can make a big impact on not only your health, but the environment’s health as well. 938 more words



Believe it or not! Drinking warm lemon water first thing you wake up has been thought to carry many health benefits. Preparing a cup of warm lemon water is quick, easy, affordable and above all carries marvelous health benefits. 36 more words

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