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Hi there lovely people and welcome back!

So we are are now into August, doesn’t time fly by? I’m a bit late with my July favourites but better late than never. 463 more words



One thing my mum told me that I always keep close to my heart is, “rules were meant to be broken”. When she said it ?I can’t tell you. 612 more words

Diet Cheats

Toast to Good Health with Lemon Cucumber Water ~a perfect combination~

When I open the fridge and see this pitcher of lemon cucumber water, the first word in my mind is refreshing. After some research, I’ve discovered that my new beverage of choice is not only refreshing, it provides various health advantages, as well.   165 more words


Health Tip Tuesday! - 07/29/14

I wanted to bring a more regular, weekly contribution to my blog. Something quick and easy that readers will find either inspiring, enlightening, or helpful. This was the birth of Health Tip Tuesday! 463 more words


Breakfast At Your Desk: Three Alternatives to Coffee

Hi my dears! Are you sipping coffee? I hate to bash my old friend Joe, but I can’t help but think that there are better (code for: healthier) ways to start the day than with the high doses of caffeine that can leave some of us with stomach upsets (me!) and the jitters. 199 more words

Cancer Treatment

Detox - day 7

Day 7

Today was the last day of my so called ‘Detox’ which didn’t really turn out as a proper detox more a day to day report on my exercise and daily intake, although i did push harder in both. 289 more words

7 Day Detox

Detox - day 5

Day 5

This morning i had a a bit of a sleep in at Stephen’s house, At 8:30 i came home to put a load of washing on and change to meet Jade at the gym. 408 more words

7 Day Detox