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10 Helpful Benefits of Lemon Water

There are so many benefits to this delicious treat! Here is a list of ten lovely benefits: 74 more words


8 Simple Ways to Detox

Given that I posted about selling macarons over the weekend, and I’m going to be posting about all the yummy food we had in NYC in tomorrow’s post, this may seem like a contradiction.   921 more words


Drink Lemon

Drinking lemon, it’s one of those things you overhear people in your office talking about, or that lady with the crazy hair who lives down the road started talking to you about it when she caught you taking the dog out. 515 more words

Benefits Of Lemon And Water

Get that energy up!

My good friend texted me earlier asking what she could eat for more energy, and it got me thinking, when do I feel most energized, healthy and ready to go? 889 more words

How To


Ahhhhh… sweet, sweet coffee. Oh how I love you when I’m feeling sleepy. And I’m not alone – many people absolutely cannot function without sipping on you first thing in the morning. 214 more words

Quinoa Chili

Looking for a vegetarian chilli packed with protein?  This is perfect for the upcoming fall season.


The ONE Time You Shouldn’t Drink Lemon Water

The next time you’re in a restaurant and you order water with lemon, you might be drinking more than you bargained for. As a matter of fact, those lemon wedges you love could be covered in little, tiny, dirty organisms harmful for your body. 266 more words

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