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Flirty Friday Cocktails: Raspberry Beer Cocktail

I came across this delightful Spring cocktail on Pinterest earlier today and decided to share it with you all. I have done a Flirty Friday Cocktail in a while so why not get back to it with the Easter Sunday celebrations because it is the season of rebirth, why not use it to my advantage and get back to re-committing myself to the things I love to do. 171 more words

Flirty Friday Cocktails!

#foodfriday: pure fruit ice cubes

these ice cubes made purely of fruit are a wonderful way to sweeten up water or lemonade, not to mention how healthy, visually appealing and… 81 more words


Over the years, I have learned that Peeps are a VERY controversial subject.

Some of you — like Toby and I — love them. But many of you — like my friend Aaren — despise them with a burning passion. 351 more words


Celebrate Spring

It’s amazing how the word “street festival” triggers your stomach to miraculously expand and allow an unhealthy amount (and variety) of food in.

Green tea cheesecake stick, chicken skewers, Japanese curry, the best (lychee) lemonade ever, stir-fry, Japanese Taiyaki, and last but definitely not least, the queen of all festival foods: funnel cake. 32 more words


Strawberry Watermelon Paradise Lemonade

Are those dreaded summer heat winking at your vacation days? Don’t know how to prepare for that time of year when you would rather be on the beach than in your home? 27 more words

Daily Ideas

Easter 1914: Sleepwalking with lemonade and cream custard

On Good Friday 1914, London’s The Daily Telegraph carried the usual business and shipping news, followed by lengthy articles about cycling over the Easter holiday, “Hot Cross Buns: Fable and Fact”, “Fruit for Easter: Mostly Luxuries” (lamenting a lack of cheap fruit), the trial of a man accused of peddling a fraudulent cure for cancer, a report about the role of saints in the ongoing Mexican Revolution, and efforts made by the British government to install wireless communication in lighthouses.


SynTrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate Roadside Lemonade 200

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3) protein to calorie ratio as close to 1:4 as possible

Whey isolate is good for those who have gas and bloating issues after consuming… 267 more words