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Flu Fighting Chicken Soup

I’ve always wondered if eating chicken soup to help get over the flu was really just an old wives’ tale. What’s so special about chicken, veggies and a bit of broth, anyway? 450 more words

Soups And Salads

Chili and Lemongrass Chicken

Have you tried resisting a food because you don’t like how it smells?

I am sorry that I dislike some food because of their smell. Also, there are ingredients I don’t like using just because I don’t like the smell. 594 more words

Fiesta Friday

My Grandmother's Lemongrass Chai

My name is Shilpa and I am a chai snob. I’m not sure exactly when and how this happened but I profess that it’s true. This may be the result of growing up in an Indian household: the sound of a mortar and pestle breaking apart whole spices, the smell of freshly grated ginger, the mindful addition of tea to bubbling water, the careful calculation of the water to milk ratio. 680 more words


An Epic Pot of Lemongrass Tea

We have nice neighbors. So when my lemongrass plantzilla started shading half their yard, it was time to cut it back. Lemongrass is a great permaculture plant- perennial, grows easily, lots of uses but it does get HUGE in Hawaii. 647 more words


Lemongrass & cashew (kinda) pesto

I’ve made many an Asian style ‘pesto’ before with coriander, but I reckon this one beats all others hands-down. I use the term ‘pesto’ very loosely – I’m describing a thick salsa/sauce made with fresh herbs, citrus juice, nuts and olive oil. 247 more words


Thai-ish Soup

Quick and easy supper that is Thai-ish …. so not authentically Thai but very much “of the Orient” in flavour

Vegetable Stock – 1 litre… 676 more words


Lemongrass is a wonderfully aromatic ingredient that has a tangy, fresh and citrusy flavour. It’s most commonly used in Asian cooking, particularly Thai and Vietnamese dishes. 303 more words

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