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The Lemur

This Lemur was still in a trance,
hypnotized by the very last dance.

from my personal sketchbook for my grandchildren

listen to my guitar:


Madagascar - Andasibe National Park

For most of our journey down the RN2 towards Andasibe National Park it was raining. We met our local guide at our lodge on the edge of the park and he briefed us about what to expect and bring for our 2 hour night walk – a torch and a raincoat. 262 more words


Blue eyed black lemur

Blue eyed black lemur by andycatlin (http://ift.tt/1FLoSAx) at May 19, 2014 at 09:20AM (via http://ift.tt/ROoY5r)
Blue eyed black lemur / Sclater’s lemur. According to Wikipedia they “are one of the only primates other than humans to consistently have blue eyes”


Madagascar - Anja Reserve

On our way out of Ambavaloa we stopped at Anja Reserve. With a knowledgeable local guide we completed a 2 hour-long visit, which included a short walk and some scrambling over rocks to get a overview of the park. 116 more words


Study shows lemurs use communal latrines as information exchange centers

Emily loves Justin – Stop global warming – Two more weeks till I graduate!: The exchange of information in public toilets is widespread. It also occurs in the world of white-footed sportive lemurs. 569 more words