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Study shows lemurs use communal latrines as information exchange centers

Emily loves Justin – Stop global warming – Two more weeks till I graduate!: The exchange of information in public toilets is widespread. It also occurs in the world of white-footed sportive lemurs. 569 more words


Introducing Our Mascots

For some reason unbeknownst to me, these two have not been properly introduced.  Here, we have Binx, our tabby, and Dexter, the dramatic mustache cat.  These two are of the feline species,  and aside from their animalistic qualities like those of Bunny, Giraffe and I,these two offer so muchhhhhkeurbfankwjfakjbfab.   130 more words

Model Off Duty

Intense Stare

OK.  So, this lemur wasn’t actually staring at me.  He just going about his merry, primate way and pretty much minding his own business.

He did stop to give me a quick glance, though.   44 more words


Wildlife Up Close: Madagascan Lemurs

This gallery contains 3 photos. What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A platform of Madagascan lemurs! This unusually animated and restless trio was photographed monkeying around despite the late summer heat spell (as nocturnal creatures, they should be napping the day away!) If I had to wear fur coats as thick as these, I’d be as still as a capybara! 123 more words