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Primates in the family Indriidae are also found on the island of Madagascar, but these primates are a bit different from the lemurs we have been talking about so far. 173 more words


Zvířata v nás

Strašně často mi lidi připomínaj nějaký zvíře. Nejde ale  jenom o obličej nebo postavu, vždycky do toho i zapadá nějakym způsobem povaha. Tak třeba v práci máme teď na oddělení tal něco přes padesát lidí. 257 more words



Lemuridae is another large family of primates, just like cercopithecidae, as it includes most species of lemur. I mentioned in my last primate families post that all lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar, but something that differs from the cheirogaleidae is that lemurids are diurnal. 168 more words


Rare and Endangered Species exhibit

Black Lemur (Eulemur macaco) by Krista Anandakuttan, India ink and acrylic

Jewels of Nature Exhibit 2014

Featuring works highlighting rare and endangered species as well as the natural history of California and beyond by:  Krista Anandakuttan, Jennifer Bates, Katie Bertsche, Terra Dawson, Erin Hunter, Jenny Keller, Molly Keller, Kathy Kleinsteiber and Fiona MacLean… 17 more words


Ring-Tailed Lemur

All lemurs are native to Madagascar, an island off Africa that is one of the highest priority conservation areas on Earth.  It’s unique ecology is threatened by habitat destruction, political instability, and climate change.  64 more words



We have finally arrived at the smallest primates in the world. The members of the cheriogalidae family include mouse and dwarf lemurs. Now, all lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar, which is off the eastern coast of Africa. 147 more words