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Adventure 418 - Supergirl meets Johnny Double,Black Canary begins, and an unpublished Dr Mid-Nite story

Supergirl plunges into Chinatown intrigue in Adventure 418 (April 1972).  The story, by Len Wein, with art by Jose Delbo and Bob Oskner, also introduces her to Johnny Double, DC’s underdog private detective, who was currently also appearing in Wonder Woman’s comic. 769 more words

Adventure 415 - Zatanna finds Zatara

Adventure 415 (Feb 72) has the climax to this tale by Len Wein and Gray Morrow.  Zatanna uses her spells to return Jeff to human form, and take them back to New York City. 51 more words

Adventure 414 - Zatanna meets Gorgonus

Adventure 414 (Jan 72) has the second part of Len Wein and Gray Morrow’s Zatanna story, as she and Jeff wake to find themselves prisoners of Varnu, the king of the other-dimensional world. 36 more words

Adventure 413 - Zatanna begins

Zatanna begins her back-up series in Adventure 413 (Dec 71), which would run sporadically during the rest of Supergirl’s run in the book.  Despite having been around in the comics for 7 years, this was the first time the character had a series of her own.  91 more words

Essential Defenders Vol. 2

First Published: December 2006

Contents: The Defenders #15 (September 1974) to #30 (December 1975); Giant-Size Defenders #1 (July 1974) to #5 (August 1975); Marvel Two-in-One #6 (November 1974) and #7 (January 1975); … 587 more words

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