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Marvel Team-Up #19, 1973 "The Coming of Stegron The Dinosaur Man!"

You know, I don’t remember being a huge dinosaur enthusiast as a youth, but my son definitely is/was. He knows more facts about them than I’ll ever know or understand, and his love and knowledge of dinosaurs is something that not only fascinates me, but is utterly endearing as well. 189 more words

Comic Books

Detective 514 - Maxie Zeus on the run, and Batgirl goes to the circus

Len Wein, Don Newton and Frank Chiaramonte provide a solid, one issue story in Detective 514 (May 1982).

Maxie Zeus has escaped from Arkham, and is being driven north through a dangerously snowy, mountainous region. 261 more words

Detective 480 - Batman fights a killing machine, and Hawkman fights the Pied Piper

I remember being so disappointed when I picked up Detective 480 (Nov./Dec. 78), and discovered it was not by the previous creative team.  Denny O’Neil and Don Newton craft a serviceable story, but it’s just not on par with what had come before. 226 more words

Detective 466 - The Signalman returns, and the Calculator vs Green Arrow

After spending years in prison, Phil Cobb escapes and returns to his original villainous identity, the Signalman, in Detective 466 (Dec. 76).  In his last appearance, in the early 60s, he had adopted a second identity, the Blue Bowman. 221 more words

Detective 448 - Bat-Murderer concludes

Len Wein, Ernie Chan and Dick Giordano bring the Bat-Murderer saga to a spectacular finale in Detective 448 (June 1975), in a full-length story.

Batman gets Jack Ryder to do some legwork for him, and he informs Batman that he has traced a connection between the League’s shooter, from the last issue, and a circus just outside Gotham. 335 more words

Detective 447 - The Creeper hunts Batman

Len Wein’s Bat-Murderer tale reaches its penultimate chapter in Detective 447 (May 1975), but the art chores shift to Ernie Chan and Dick Giordano.

Alfred finishes his detailed examination of the gun, and discovers two things.  157 more words