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The youth of today…

Peer-to-peer lending is a growing area of online funding for small business. Recent research highlights a more literal form of peer-to-peer help: young people are increasingly funding their leisure activities by a traditional route of borrowing from friends. 273 more words


What is a Jumbo Mortgage?

Let’s begin with the basics. Jumbo mortgages are generally classified as anything greater than $417,000.00. A Jumbo Mortgage is not sold to Fannie and Freddie, which means that these loans stay on the lenders/investors book and are not guaranteed. 244 more words

The True Cost Of A Bad FICO


How much does a low FICO cost you when it comes to Mortgage financing?

 First there are 2 types of loans that your FICO have zero to no effect on the pricing of your loan: 203 more words

Lending friends money!

I just lent my mate £4000 today so he can buy an £11,000 BMW 335d.

We brought it off some wolverhampton lads, 2 of them had some gold teeth which was funny because they had shit clothes on. 193 more words

Global bank bond offerings are at their highest levels since 2009

Large financial institutions such as Bank of America are increasingly loading up on bonds to fund themselves. As it stands now, banks globally have sold some $764 billion in bonds through Aug. 122 more words

On Lending Out My Own Books: Policies

Today some of my friends were wondering whether they could borrow “The Maze Runner” from me.

Which inspired me to write this.

  1. You must pick the book up whenever and wherever it’s convenient for me.
  2. 65 more words