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Happy Birthday Leo ❁ Kona Rock & Mineral

Happy Birthday Leo! July 23 – August 22nd.
You are charismatic, loyal, charming and have a magnetic personality. You are natural born leader and prefer to be “center stage”. 160 more words

Kona Rock &mineral

wet white chalk

the light of our eyes screamed like crickets in the night
creatures cross-eyed at the sky

wondered why god tried to blow itself away
a dandelion behind what face? 46 more words

“Goth Zodiac” Art Series: Leo

The fifth in my “Goth Zodiac” series – Leo. Leo is associated with the Sun, which is rather antithetical to Goth really, so I tried to go for a baroque, regal look that turned out resembling Visual Kei (Japanese rock fashion). 11 more words


Birthday Wishes

Today is my 22nd birthday. I’m not very good at being the birthday girl. It stresses me out. Lately, during big life events, I feel so much pressure to be happy, which just makes me even less happy. 549 more words


"Will your luck change?"

“Will your luck change?”
July 23rd thru 27th Astro.

The Astrology this year has been needless to say complicated and harsh for so many. Tuesday was a major turning point in the Cosmos, as this week’s energies started out on a much more positive note. 525 more words