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Did you see this New York Times Book Review essay by Leon Wieseltier? (link)

I have been thinking about it, because some of his ideas produced such a strong jolt of recognition for me. 398 more words

warning shot

One hopes the publishing of Leon Wieseltier’s essay on technology in the January 18 edition of The New York Times Book Review becomes a seminal pause in our march toward a digitally dominant culture. 541 more words

What Was Leon Wieseltier Thinking?

If you made it at least 984 words into Leon Wieseltier’s long, seemingly incomprehensible rant against technology, “Among the Disrupted,” then you may have noticed—just barely—that it was also a flattering appraisal of Mark Greif’s first book. 624 more words

Technology is not the enemy

In the New York Times Book Review this weekend there was a fascinating essay by Leon Wieseltier, 31-year veteran literary editor of the New Republic  668 more words

Quote of the day: MEDIA TECHNOLOGY

Amid the bacchanal of disruption, let us pause to honor the disrupted. The streets of American cities are haunted by the ghosts of bookstores and record stores, which have been destroyed by the greatest thugs in the history of the culture industry. 160 more words

Quote Of The Day

"Our Complexly Beating Hearts"

Thank you, Leon Wieseltier, for showing us how to take a reflective stance, rather than succumb to a reactive one, toward the rapid innovations of technology in everyday living. 199 more words

Humanism vs. Materialism in "Among the Disrupted: On the Bankruptcy of the Digital Utopia"

Can this life be reduced to matter and it’s movements? Do thoughts only exist as a transfer of energy across synapses? Materialism says yes. I can’t help but answer yes. 2,164 more words