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FArFri: "Unsure" A Young, Pensive Spock from The Cage, by artist karracaz

I love this cool, youthful image of Spock from “The Cage” by artist karracaz  Just think, he played Spock for the first time 50 years ago!   Aren’t we lucky?



T’Pol is a female Vulcan science officer in the American TV show Star Trek: Enterprise (active 2001-2005). The character is played by Jolene Blalock, who was one of the bright lights of the series. 229 more words


Jonathan Frakes to Direct Star Trek 3?

It was announced last week by Paramount that Roberto Orci would not be directing the next Star Trek movie currently due out sometime in 2016. Now a veteran Star Trek actor and director says he wants the job and not ashamed to say so. 661 more words


IDFA: To Be Takei with George and Brad Takei Q&A

On watching To Be Takei one gets the impression that George Takei embodies much of what made Star Trek great. At its best, the franchise used sci-fi conventions to explore philosophical questions. 859 more words


Random Thoughts: Holiday Sweaters & Ending 2014

I was looking for ideas on what to write about today when I found this picture. Who cares if it’s real or not (the picture and/or Sasquatch)?   278 more words


My Weekly Spock: At the Premiere of ST:TMP

This week marks the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (and let the franchise begin!)  Here’s a rare shot of Leonard and Bill at the premiere that was held in (interestingly enough) Washington D.C.!  46 more words

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