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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Toilet Review: Childhood favourites never seem to live up to how they did when I was a kid.
Man, this movie has aged, and aged pretty awfully. 506 more words


Turtle power: Leonardo

Leo is my fave so he had to go first. the others will follow and make a huge pic. let me know what you think.


I'm in Hollywood, Baby!

My 0.3 seconds of fame forever captured in a DVD with Leo . My life is now complete.


Let Your Hair Down, America

I am in total vacay mode in my head right now. I’m constantly checking out my favorite travel website, LuxuryLink.com to take me on a virtual vacation as I scan through pictures of crystal clear waters, infinity  edge pools and resorts outlined in Palm Trees. 408 more words

Leonardo da Vinci

Today is the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, the great artist, scientist, inventor, and ninja turtle.


Leonardo's birthday...

a remembrance

The chickens rarely chirp about humans.  But once a year they remember Leonardo.  The chicklet holding the balloon, Leo, was named after him.  A long time ago, in Italy, Leonardo knew a sculptor named Mike, aka, Michelangelo.   157 more words