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In December Drinking Horchata

That wonderful lyric in Vampire Weekend’s cosy song Horchata always makes me think of winter and huddling up with a hot drink. It also forms the final third of the title for this blog, which therefore means I have reached the end of my adventure in Seville. 638 more words


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014): reboot fails to disappoint

After what has seemed like an age, Teenage Mutant Ninha Turtles (2014) finally makes its way to UK shores. Was the wait appropriate? Not really although a hold over for October half term school holidays kind of makes sense. 349 more words


Passing optional attributes to directive (version < 1.0.1)

I have a directive used in many different places of my application. In a couple of places I need to pass and make a two way binding of 2 arguments that are not used anywhere else. 122 more words

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TMNT (2007): Imagi's Magical CGI Turtles Effort

It’s difficult if not impossible to believe that Imagi’s TMNT Ninja Turtles computer animated feature was made in 2007 as it still stands up today. The animation is exquisite and highly detailed, with the script allowing for some dazzling and fluid sequences, each frame could almost be a piece of art. 123 more words


Episode 9 Ponce De Leon John L Sullivan

Episode 155 – The Demon Protector of the Sacred Jewel Shard!

Episode 138 – Mountain of Demons- Survival of the Duo

Episode 136 – A Strange Invisible Demon Appears! 307 more words


Sword Wielding Turtle Guy

Leonardo commission I did at North East Comic Con. Turtle Power.

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Javascript - Interacting with the OS

I’m implementing a specialized cloud storage solution. As part of the deal, I supply a client app similar to “Google Drive”/Dropbox. This app is quite good because it not only keeps everything synced but also, when uploading a file, it can significantly increase upload speed. 117 more words

Recent Questions - Stack Overflow