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Leprechaun: Origins (2014)...An Unnecessary Reboot That Really Has No Business Existing!

I love horror movies. Good, bad, old or new, most horror movies are just so fucking fun to sit through. They can be scary or funny or sometimes so cheesy bad they’re brilliant; at the very least most horror films have some redeeming qualities that make them enjoyable. 1,020 more words



In the beginning, there was nothing
then came everything else
and then came Lance getting his driver’s license.

Before you all shit your pants in amazement, I want to congratulate Lance as he passed his test with flying colour (singular).  1,113 more words


The Klutz: A Perfect Gift For Eight Crazy Nights

“You know, klutz is one of my peoples’ words,” Hanukkah Harry had to shout from the front porch of The House on the Hill to be heard over Seamus’ hysterical laughter.  703 more words


Life in Rain

Cats and dogs were literally falling from the sky. Just kidding. But seriously, where I live, there’s been some extreme rainfall lately. I’m talking inches and inches of water. 438 more words

Irish Advent Calendar.

Every December, my mum buys the kids an advent calendar each. This morning, Angus, 5, told me about his chocolate.

“Today I got a bell!” 63 more words


NaNoWriMo – Pot of Gold – Day 30

The back of Jin Chan was neither stable nor comfortable, but it did get them across the swamp at a rapid pace.  The hound refused passage and followed along swimming in the swamp.  917 more words

Flash Fiction

Leprechaun Imperial Stout (7%, 33 cl)

Lets finish off this dark month with an equally dark Beer. After Fonkel and Marieke why not try another dutch Beer. This time one brewed by… 292 more words

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