Days 64 & 65

A life lived in fear is half a life lived

Life is semi-back to normal after the earthquake. It’s windy right now, very windy, and every time the house makes a crackling sound, my heart jumps.

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Day 59

Oh boy oh boy – I was completely beat. By the end of the day I was ready to crash. So tired. And I know it had to do with my workouts. 225 more words


Day 58 & Weigh-In (Fun Graphic - It's a Lifstlye Change)

Ah, it’s good to be back with no break in sight before I finish my Les Mills Pump & Les Mills Combat Hybrid. This officially marks the beginning of the last four (and a half) weeks. 210 more words


SMART Success, Spring Break in Florida, Playing Catch-Up

It’s been 16 days since my last post, ouch. It’s been busy though.

Day 43 (March 10)
Les Mills Combat – Warrior 2: Lower Body… 438 more words

I LOVE Les Mills, and I LOVE E&E!!!

Thinking about upping the ante for the upcoming Les Mills Challenge Group* I am starting on April 7th….

I messed up my timing on my order, and ended up with too much E&E, which is the BEST all natural Pre-Workout Drink I have ever used. 409 more words

Daily Thoughts And Inspirationals

Day 36

Ah, a brand new week, a brand new opportunity to push my limits. More towards the second half of the week. Upping my weights on Sunday felt like a great idea at the time, I felt ready, but the 24 hour onset of soreness hit me really really hard. 322 more words


Days 29 - 35

These kids are lucky they’re so cute

Said my friend with whom I had a play date with but had to cancel because Sophie again caught something.

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