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WATCH: Les Misérables

Dominic Ellis

Les Misérables, the film, was quite poorly made. It had all the old favourites and a few half-decent scenes, but it was ugly and brash and poorly shot. 206 more words


Les Misérables

If you’re in Melbourne right now you would undoubtedly have seen a phenomenon sweeping the city streets. Everything from trams to lamp posts has been decorated with Émile Bayard’s sketch of Cosette and people from all over Australia have been coming to Melbourne to experience two events that celebrate the story of 19th-century Paris in Victor Hugo’s epic literary work –  504 more words


Rehearsal continues for Sky's annual musical

“A heart full of love,

No fear, no regret

My name is Marius Pontmercy”

“And mine’s Cosette”

“Cosette I don’t know what to say”

“Then make no sound” 6 more words

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Les Miserable In Melbourne

If there is only one musical show you can watch, no doubt Les Miserable is THE choice. Although for me, it took 20 years to fully appreciate how great this production is. 778 more words

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The Tempest In The Park

Brisbane, a small city compared to Melbourne or Sydney, still have enough Shakespeare fans to establish a Shakespeare Ensemble. This year their performance is The Tempest. 171 more words

Education 教育杂谈

The Miserable Ones, The Witch of the West and Kingly Visits

My love for theatre came from my Nan.  When we were younger, she used to throw all of my cousins and I on the train to Melbourne with her to see whatever new musical or stage show was out. 794 more words

Les Miserables Monday!

Today’s song is one of my absolute favorites! Who Am I – The Trial, starts off with Jean Valjean talking to himself, debating if he should even care about this man who has taken his place on trial. 269 more words