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On Translations

If there is one Ignorant American stereotype I live up to it is the fact that I cannot speak any other language but English.

Well that’s not entirely true.   789 more words


Friday Freebies 12/19/14

FREE on Amazon Kindle today: fun titles for people interested in Preparedness, Do It Yourself projects, and Independent Living.

If you do not have a Kindle you can download the Kindle for PC (or Mac)  app on the Amazon homepage. 129 more words

Friday Freebies

Jobs I Didn't Get: Thenardier

Since returning from my summer at Sierra Repertory Theatre in lovely Sonora, California, I have been auditioning for jobs all over the country via video. This has required the cobbling together of material, often at the last minute, often with sub-standard karaoke tracks or — heaven forfend! 267 more words


Non-disclosure agreement

Day Zero… some weeks before.

I’ve just signed a contract, with clauses in it forbidding me to write this blog. I’m sure the company is just protecting itself in case anything harmful is put out there, in the past I know they’ve had a few troubles with media, especially a few social media hiccups. 2,581 more words

Arts Management

12 Posts of Christmas - Day 3

My thoughts today whilst doing a 30 minute unplanned chemistry test. Please enjoy my insanity….

Ok, hydrocarbons, lets do this. Hydrocarbons wooooo, hydrocarbons.

Oh shit, right, put my name on it. 361 more words



One of my greatest weaknesses would be prettyboys. Now my definition of a prettyboy might not be the same as yours: a boy with a very smart sense of fashion, possibly sports a pair of raybans or the occasional beanie, who has no problem pampering himself here and there and is “fit” but not even close to being labelled as hunk. 109 more words


Fleshing out the goals (Part 1)

In an earlier post I started to lay out my New Year’s Resolutions. I just had general categories that I know I will want to focus on in the coming year. 588 more words