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My inner slut...

My inner slut wants to come out and play. Instead I’m going to blog from time to time about my inner slut secrets that really did happen many years before. 56 more words



Last night I went to bed thinking about the last year and some of the things that have happened. For example the big move to Hampshire and the nightmare neighbours we left behind in Surrey. 966 more words


I Faced A Kami and Survived

I had loved this man since grade school and if I had a shot at all at “normal”, he would be the one that could help make me straight. 1,237 more words


A day in the life

A while back I asked what people might like to read and one response was what ‘a typical day in Prague’ might look like for us. 199 more words


Haircuts and final chapters.

So yesterday me and my ex fiance came to an agreement on what he will pay me out for the house we jointly own. So by the end of the week I will no longer be a home owner. 423 more words


This Whole Thing Started 5 Hours After I Was Born

     I was born in Oakland, CA in 1951 to a mother I have never met. I know absolutely nothing about her and I have never seen a photo of her. 855 more words


Out of the Frying Pan and Back Into the Fire

Another possible connection has crashed and burned. I feel weird about it because she chose to ignore me rather than just say she was no longer interested. 731 more words