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The Dream.

This morning I woke up from a very hot dream. It’s funny how our subconscious can awaken during sleep.

It was the autumn  of 2006. I had just returned from Beirut.  838 more words


The woman who could...

The woman who could was hot.  She could do anything and everything I asked. She liked to be dominated and to dominate. She liked everything and anything.  621 more words


On the up & up oh and a little stagnant.

Me and R are on great terms. She got offered a new job and this has drastically changed her mood as of late. I think she was just super stressed about finances and not having a guaranteed income as she works for herself. 436 more words


Learning to Balance the Seesaw Between Gay And Straight Worlds

Playing this game of reality took on a new meaning when I realized I couldn’t completely share my identity with the people in my life. That reality check opened door #3, and dropped me in the middle of a seesaw that rocked as the scenery and people changed from one life to the other. 977 more words


My inner slut...

My inner slut wants to come out and play. Instead I’m going to blog from time to time about my inner slut secrets that really did happen many years before. 56 more words



Last night I went to bed thinking about the last year and some of the things that have happened. For example the big move to Hampshire and the nightmare neighbours we left behind in Surrey. 966 more words


I Faced A Kami and Survived

I had loved this man since grade school and if I had a shot at all at “normal”, he would be the one that could help make me straight. 1,237 more words