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Please explain

If anyone in usa can help me understand what is it with Brooklyn Heights?

A woman flirted with me on Friday night when I was out with my friend at a cafe. 116 more words



Mother dearest (as I like to call her when she pisses me off) decided to out me to all of her siblings. She hadn’t warned me beforehand that this was her intention. 972 more words


Telling my boss and BMI issues

I told my boss yesterday. We’re starting IVF!!! My voice was shaking and I stuttered my way through, I’m not sure what I thought would happen. 290 more words

Too many questions make the baby go blind.

Never tell a proactive person to “go with the flow”. I don’t think I have ever gone with the flow in my entire life. It’s not in my nature. 1,230 more words


We've picked our clinic.

After we were married I wanted to make an appointment at a clinic as soon as we were home from honeymoon!! But Carrie wasn’t as keen but after a few weeks she said she would be happy to start the process in October. 399 more words


Let me introduce ourselves.


I thought my first post should really be to introduce my wife and I and why we need IVF. My wife is called Carrie and I’m Lyndsey,  we met online roughly 2 and half years ago and own our home that we have spent the last 12 months renovating. 311 more words


London Bound

I’m leaving my aunts place in the next hour. I don’t have any usa pics to show only my family which I won’t post on here. 534 more words