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I did it. I cut all of my hair off. I love it. I was almost having a panic attack when I was sitting at the hairdressers and she started using the clippers. 101 more words


Do You See What I See? Asks Humor

I wrote this post a few days ago, actually.

I had the final edited version all written and about to hit the “publish” key, when the screen blacked out and when it came back, the new editor had been replaced by the old editor and everything I had brilliantly written, was not there. 1,063 more words


To The Man I Hurt....I'm Sorry

To S,

Let me first start out by saying sorry. I think this might be the 463rd time I have said it. I’m not sure if that word has any meaning anymore to you but from the bottom of my soul I am eternally sorry for hurting you. 726 more words


Breathe In. Hello Moment. Breathe Out. I am here. Plus egg donation.......

Uh so I’ll start with the egg donation…..I’m not doing it, my gf is. She mentioned it when we first started dating and I thought it was a cool idea, I didn’t know too much on the topic but it was pretty awesome that she could give some of her to a family that was so desperate to have a baby. 431 more words


Being A Demon Elder is Not Such A Bad Rap

     Or, why I am a demon elder of variant.

     Boo! No, I am here for the higher good and I travel into the depths of darkness to find the point of light to enliven.   1,116 more words


The butch is back

We had a great Thanksgiving day.

And then I was getting ready for bed.  You know, putting on my flannel PJs.

“I think I’m getting sick,” I told W. 169 more words


your relationship sucks

No not yours. Ok, well maybe. But this isn’t particularly directed at anyone.

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that a very large amount of couples have had public, intense, and very “dirty laundry airing” arguments online. 493 more words