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Take me or leave me

When I turned 40, I threw myself a birthday party at a lesbian bar in Philadelphia.  I invited my friends.  I invited my mom and dad and brother. 485 more words


Gender identity to determine where Ontario transgender inmates are placed | CTV News

This is great! Hopefully, this helps make an already difficult situation safer. I know there are plenty of stories out there concerning this issue, but imagine if you can: 83 more words


Lisa Williams - Women of Design blog editor/designer

Lisa Williams’ design work often focuses on lesbian (and LGBT issues) as well as feminist issues. Williams is the blog editor for Women of Design  13 more words

Graphic Designer


I was standing in the self-checkout line in the grocery store earlier this week.  A man who was in line in front of me left his cart to grab something he had forgotten.  237 more words


Gay and Born That Way


      How can a loving God send a good person to hell for something he was born with? How can he expect you to give up who you are? 427 more words


Things that Lesbians do that annoy other Lesbians....or should I say, annoy me

Over the years I have come across a number of different “breeds” shall we say, of lesbians, all who have their own stories and have their own differences, but I despite these differences, I keep seeing a trend in their behaviour, behaviours of which, irritate the living shit out of me. 530 more words


Unintended Hiatus

Seems like all I do lately is give updates. .  . and that’s what is in store for today as well. There are a plethora of great topics to discuss. 1,102 more words