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The one where Middle-age butch hijacks the wedding

Or blue is the warmest wedding color

When W and I started planning our wedding, we decided to keep it casual. I told her I wanted to wear jeans and sneakers.  392 more words


Questioning the luck of the potluck

“You’re a terrible lesbian,” W said to me yesterday.

I knew exactly what she was talking about.

“You mean the potluck.  Because I have no faith in the luck of the potluck,” I replied. 170 more words



Leaving C tonight was tough.  For the first time I actually cried about it. I know I’m a drama queen sometimes but I’ve had enough of this distance and move and my life being back and forth. 412 more words


Day 1 of realising my engagement was coming to an end....

As I sit here at work talking online to the girl I have been sleeping with it suddenly appears painfully obvious that I am no longer in love with my fiance. 729 more words


My mother in law knows!!

It’s been an interesting weekend! We found out we have to provide medical history/background for Carrie’s family for her to be an egg donor. Now as she is adopted we didn’t know this for her fathers side, there was only one thing for it, we had to tell my mother in law that we were stating the IVF process. 132 more words

She's leaving me...

Work eye candy told me that she’s resigning on Friday.  She’s had enough of England’s cold winters and lack of four seasons and wants to return to Italy. 423 more words


21 months of pickles!

Ok, I think it is time for some twin-girl updates, don’t you?

We are effiing knackered.

The girls are just uber über cuties, but very forthright. 496 more words