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That moment...

You see your ex (blast from the past) and pretend you forgot who she is and no your name isnt maria its francesca. Yes I really did that tonight how childish! 99 more words


Our Lives

My gal pal, sk, and I headed out to run some errands on Saturday and then tend to date night. As we are turning a corner, we pass a woman driving a minivan, the following conversation took place: 97 more words



On Thursday evening I was invited to attend C’s leaving dinner party. Her hospital colleagues had chosen a lebanese restaurant to mark the occasion. C finishes work tomorrow and this time next week will be our first full day at our new place and in our new location. 636 more words


Stopping The Cycle and Enjoying The Weekend

I could not be more in agreeance with the above!

I have to make better choices, take more chances, so my life doesn’t stay in this repeated cycle, especially in relationships. 834 more words

Life As A Queer Woman

Showering with Robert Pattinson

I like my showers. I like them extra hot. I like shampoo infused with a bit of mint. It makes my scalp tingle. It makes me feel awake and alive.  455 more words


Life Moments

Ever have one of those moments in life where you think to yourself “what they don’t know won’t kill them?” Normally, this is said in jest, a good-natured manner. 107 more words



I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my ex L. She drives me nuts. I drive her insane. We spend a few weeks talking, making sense of things and it seems we’ve managed to get beyond the “I’m not talking to you right now WOMAN! 464 more words