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The Space I'm In

Recently, I’ve started reading again. I used to love to read as a kid, being an only child. Well, I grew up alone without my sisters. 865 more words

Life In My Own Words

Super Quick Fast Updates:

  1. I caved and texted S.  It took her all day to respond, but she said she was okay… having problems with her sugars dropping still… and that she wanted to sit down and talk to us.  
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Lesbian Relationships

Swallowing my pride

Women drive me crazy. They seriously do. Yesterday, S acted cool and distant, and then surprisingly, agreed to see me tonight for dinner tonight. I was feeling pretty sad and insecure after she didn’t text me last night. 555 more words

Life In My Own Words

I am worth it

I survived yet another Open School Night. The most dreaded night of a teacher’s life. At least it is for me. It’s an evening where I have to basically address every single parent of my students. 558 more words

Life In My Own Words

Schrodinger's Adoption

I mentioned “Schrodinger’s Adoption” in a comment from a previous post, and I found my own wit to be highly amusing, so here it is for everyone.   657 more words

Lesbian Relationships

What the fuck are the odds?

I should be in bed right now because I have to be at school for 12+ fucking hours tomorrow. BUT, what happened tonight was so fucking unbelievable that I had to write about it to get it out of my head. 740 more words

Life In My Own Words

The Rock and The Hard Place

So… I don’t know what to do.

S has told me that she has mixed emotions and to back off. Those were her exact words. This happened the day before yesterday.   442 more words

Lesbian Relationships