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Regina & Jae: Chapter 25

Regina’s sense of smell was wide awake before the rest of her. She wasn’t sure what was being made, but she knew someone was throwing down in the kitchen. 432 more words

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Thank Netflix: "Orange is the New Black" Season Two Trailer is Up

Even though we weren’t exactly fans of the book, we are ready for June 6th! Are you tuning in? We might just have to get Netflix again for this one.

Black Lesbian Blog

I’ve been doing a terrible job of posting every day this month. It’s a hard thing to do! Some days I don’t have anything to post, other days I just plain don’t have time. 361 more words

Life In My Own Words

What It's Like When A Lesbian Couple Decides To Move In Together

I’m not usually one to promote stereotypes — they irk me to the point of hysteria and are, most of the time, false.

For example, not all lesbians play softball — heck, I probably couldn’t hit a softball correctly if it was placed on a T in front of me — and they certainly don’t all try to “convert” straight girls and chop all their hair off and pierce their eyebrows (oh wait, I actually did those last two things; college was an interesting time for me). 1,034 more words

Regina & Jae: Chapter 24

Regina and Morgan spent many nights forward once again enjoying the company of one another. Regina hated to admit it, but she felt incredibly at ease with her. 739 more words

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Another week...

Another week in the life of this senior citizen lesbian and I find myself more at peace with spending my future solo. Somehow I guess I never thought of being lesbian and being solo. 334 more words


Super Gay Movie of the Week: But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) Directed by @BabbitJamie

As our countdown to the 16th annual Miami Gay and Lesbian  Film Festival continues, let’s all get out our tents because it’s time for camp. 175 more words