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Congrats to Superlesbian the new Mrs. @Martina Navratilova

Congratulations are in order!

One of the League of Extraordinary Lesbians,  Martina Navratilova has tied the knot to her longtime girlfriend Julia Lemigova on Monday, December 15th. 95 more words

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Bridges and Tunnels

It’s been nine days now since I cut off all communication with LF. I have gone completely radio silent. She “liked” one of my pictures yesterday on Facebook. 616 more words


Oh, the Damage that has been Done

Well, it’s been four days since LF and I have completely stopped talking to each other. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it might be. 577 more words


We Laughed, Finally.

Ever since our big blow out over the weekend, my mom and I haven’t really spoken much.  And our few words felt strained, like I was stepping on egg shells because there was a nuclear explosive buried just deep enough to not know where the button was. 768 more words

Lesbian Relationships

With or Without You

Well, I finally had the “what the fuck are we doing” conversation with LF yesterday. Over text. Ugh. This woman refuses to have deep serious conversations face to face. 731 more words


Fuck Feelings

Yeah that’s how I’m feeling now. LF texted that she just wanted to “chill home alone” this weekend. So she might be “MIA this weekend”. Some might say that it was good that she at least told me. 633 more words


Femme/Butch Dynamics (what to do)

Forget every single piece of information that you have picked up from the so-called Butch/Femme experts and sexperts.  Forget every single piece of advice you have received from Butch/Femme websites and forums.  42 more words