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Preparing Myself...

…for some potentially “bad” news.

So Erin and I have two friends who are starting their TTC journey the same time we are.  They currently have two kids, but this will be their first child together as a couple.   580 more words

Lesbian Relationships


I think I’m going to start my period soon.  I hope I start my period soon.  I’m pretty sure that my phone apps are all saying the same thing: What the hell? 311 more words

Lesbian Relationships

Where can I put my feelings?

I’m not used to feeling sad. That was my revelation of the day today.

I think that’s why I’ve been feeling so off. I’m normally a very happy and content person. 1,005 more words

Life In My Own Words

I have to make a decision

So … I’m currently on a Fixed Term contract at work, which finishes 31 July 2015. I have been planning to go to South America next August, once my contract ends, for three months or so. 401 more words


Ever Done Something So Embarrassing....

That you aren’t sure you’ll recover?

I came up with this plan… Where I was going to stop taking the Provera earlier than the ten days to try and put a jump-start on this cycle, but, like all things I do, I wanted to make sure this was a good idea. 312 more words

Lesbian Relationships

Slow Road to Recovery and Seizing Opportunities

Above is a blurry pic of DJ Loretta Brown aka Ms. Erykah Badu. I love this woman. Maybe she’s the reason why I love black women. 530 more words

Life In My Own Words

:D What does this all mean???

Edit @ 3:54pm:  I went back into FF and included the information that I was taking Provera, which is just the synthetic form of progesterone.  After day three of that information, FF said it could no longer accurately predict my fertility cycle and my chart got a lot less interesting.   303 more words

Lesbian Relationships