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why we decided not to get married again [five]

earlier this month, florida officially joined the thirty-five other states that allow same-sex marriage.  the fact that 36 states allow same-sex marriage now is totally amazing, and the fact that florida is one of them just blows my mind!   2,001 more words


Establishing Guidelines

I haven’t written for almost two weeks! In a way, that’s a good thing because that means I’ve been busy. I haven’t had much time to think about how I screwed up my dating life last year. 911 more words


The Fab Femme presents... Natasha

That’s my voice in this clip with Natasha and her girlfriend of 7 years, Monica.


Steffi Baby

Ten years ago, I began seeing someone who had a small child from a previous relationship. It was unchartered ground for both of us because I had little experience with children, and she had none with lesbianism. 751 more words


I loved Annie… but.

You shouldn’t have to say “but” when it comes to someone you actually love. I found this out the hard way when I fell for Annie back in March 2014. 784 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Who is the man?

I have a friend who asked me a question on who is the dominant one in my relationship. I was in a slightly off mood I might have been more blunt than usual in my replies. 380 more words


Cat Fighting...the right way!

‘the future’s uncertain and the end is always near.’

-Jim Morrison

Today, I had been asked a very poignant question, from Cher:

Do you believe in life after love?’ 1,120 more words