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Hershel Rides Mercedez

My name is Monica Hershel. I am a twenty-eight-year-old model. I have a straight figure with tanned skin, and I sport a short close-cropped hairstyle. I have blue eyes and my body measurements are 32AA-24-32. 1,243 more words

Gianni Shamari

The Gold, The Brown & Maré

It was a sunny and beautiful Thursday in New York City. Energy, excitement, and music filled Manhattan. Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 blared from my platinum-colored Ferrari 360 as I cruised down Broadway! 2,127 more words

Gianni Shamari

Chika turns the tables

Chika is an intriguing woman with her own way of approaching things. She is incredibly talented not only sexually but also linguistically – being extremely fluent in English despite it being her second language (she has an accent but her use of expressions and her high level of grammatical accuracy are incredible and stand in stark contrast to most of the other Japanese girls) – I have found out she also knows French well and can make herself understood in Chinese. 1,676 more words


Confessions of an English Fanny Tickler Part 2

One morning whilst checking my inbox I was surprised to find an email from a researcher for a television production company they were making a ‘non broadcast’ pilot for a game show for some obscure satellite channel  had seen my website and wondered if I could phone them to discuss further my possible involvement in the format. 2,403 more words


The Giggle Girls Part 1

Jack should have known better. He’d spent much of his 25 years pulling some sort of hustle or scam or another and could definitely safely class himself as “streetwise” without leaving himself open to mockery. 2,753 more words


Now Look Here...

A curious incident from an episode of a short lived British satellite television game show in which couples competed for prizes with humiliating forfeits for the losers… 6,705 more words


Confessions of an English Fanny Tickler Part 1

An extract from the memoirs of a professional ladies’ erotic tickler

I always carry with me my brown leather carry all bag which contains my tools of the trade.  1,514 more words