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Monday's selection

Imagine that you are a happily married man leading a completely normal life and then some new neighbors move in next door. They turn out to be nudists and the man is hung like a stallion. 75 more words

Bondage And Discipline

A Sunday Suggestion

Imagine being a husband that agrees to go to marriage counseling with his wife and being told by the therapist that it is his duty to obey his wife and to accept any punishment that she doles out if he fails to please her. 50 more words

Bondage And Discipline

Wednesday Book Offering

Two books and a short story for $6.88. Here is an opportunity for you to read two of my books “How My Wife Became Julie’s Slave” and “Internet Sex Slaves” along with a short story that it totally different from any of my other works. 25 more words

Bondage And Discipline

How to keep lesbian dating more personal

Lesbian dating is fast becoming an accepted phenomenon with the large and increasing number of lesbian dating sites verifying this claim. Lesbian dating and lesbian dating sites are just as common as other singles websites. 403 more words

Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Casual Sex

Arranging a rousing session of casual sex between gays can be completed in less than twenty minutes. This case is different when talking about lesbians. Ladies are often envious of how easy it is for anonymous men to make out in a relatively short time span. 356 more words

Casual Sex

The First Time

Tonight was the first time in my life were I actually felt emotions during sex.

I have always been fascinated with sex and interested since my teenage years. 575 more words

Emotional Sex

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I am feeling lazy today so here is my author’s page. I am sure you can find something of interest there.