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Two book offer

Here is a great bargain for readers. Two of my most popular books for less than $6.30. If you like your women smoking hot and cruel and your men where they belong, on their knees this is a must read. 13 more words

The Game

I thought about her for days after our first meeting, the way she breathed when I touched her, and how her body felt against mine. I contemplated seeing her again, anticipating–almost salivating remembering how she had pulled my hair–yet also put off by her; and our first date. 1,048 more words

Lesbian Sex

book sample

Here is a small segment from one of my books. It is entitled “The Evil Therapist”. The lead character is a rape crisis counselor that is more interested in her own deviant desires than in helping those she treats. 1,276 more words

Book Sample

Here is another snippet from one of my books. It is entitled “The Voyeur, The Preacher’s Wife and The Bride to Be” and is available from the kindle store at Amazon.com… 687 more words

Sample Teaser For The Vampiress Hunter. ^_^

A bit of a teaser sample from my Vampiress Hunter novel. Publication date? 2026.


Tabby continued to kiss me tenderly on the stomach, trailing her mouth along the soft contours of my abs, dropping down just a little bit more in passing, her fingers snaking themselves down a little further towards my kitty. 230 more words

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New to the Vagina

I’d never been intimate with a woman before dating Madison.┬áIt just wasn’t something I was ready to explore before I met her. But she created a space where all I wanted to do was get in her pants…but being a lady virgin, I was nervous to sleep with her. 272 more words

Meaning(less) Sex

What is meaningless sex? An easy orgasm? Physical touch without the intimacy? A one-night-stand? I can’t define it but I know I’ve had it. For me, I’ve spent the past four years sleeping with men in an effort to regain the control I felt that I lost when I lost my virginity. 442 more words