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When Ladies Turned Into Women Then Back Again

When I was a teenager, my mother kept a copy of Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room on her bedside table. Over the years, I read parts of it though I retain no clear memories of what I read. 377 more words

Gay Liberation

'Just Know That I Am a Person' -- Three New Books on Transgender Issues


by Janet Mason — first published in The Huffington Post

Rigid gender roles are irritating to many of us, damaging to society at large (whether people know it or not), and absolutely toxic to gender nonconforming children and their families. 874 more words


When Did Gay Pride Month Turn Into Walk & Bike Month?

I work in the field of sustainable transportation, so I’ve known since January the date of this year’s Bike-to-Work Day (June 25.) June is my busiest month at work, since it is Walk & Bike Month here in Boulder. 256 more words

Gay Liberation