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Bad Girls - The Complete Nikki and Helen Love Story

Bad Girls was a british drama series taking place in a women’s prison. It featured a great romance between Nikki Wade, a lesbian inmate, and Helen Stewart, a prison administrator. 89 more words


Open Letter to Pope Francis: Help Save My Vocation

Guest Blogger: In an open letter to Pope Francis,  Benjamin Brenkert explains his decision to leave the Jesuits because of LGBTQ issues, and asks the pontiff to be stronger in his statements about LGBTQ equality. 1,004 more words


A Little About Me

I am female assigned at birth, 16, and I’m pansexual but I prefer girls. I’ve been dealing with a lot of gender issues lately, but they have been present since I was 14. 395 more words


Sexual Orientation and the Brain - Links to studies

A number of studies have found differences in the brain that may be related to sexual orientation.

Because of this, studies of gender identity and the brain need to carefully control for sexual orientation. 800 more words

Study Review

The 11th

“I think you think she likes you a lot more than she actually does.”

Damn. It stings doesn’t it? Like razor to the skin. Like acetone on a cut; … 434 more words

New York

Motives Are for Murder and Acting

I often catch myself wondering in passing why I care about getting married. The feeling that follows is similar to the fleeting guilt of catching yourself as you engage in a bad habit: chewing your nails, picking your nose, eating people – you know, the usual. 634 more words

Gay Marriage

I Like Girls and Boys

Sometimes I’m going to blog about a sex/relationship idea or issue and other times I’m going to share a sexy short story or excerpt from a book I’m working on. 240 more words

Open Relationships