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Threaded Together

I know my way to your soul,around your heart, and inside
of your mind like the map is carved into my skin.

I am the shiver down your spine that flows electrically… 192 more words

Like the Lazarus of blogging. Blazarus? Blazarus.

I’ve been struggling with how best I can resurrect this.

Emily and I are less than a year away from our wedding and will shortly be kicking things into a reasonably higher gear, but a lot has happened in the interim between my last post and this one. 666 more words

Gay Marriage

Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus - Pt 1

So I went to a family wedding this past Friday in the small town I grew up in. It was a down home, black Canadian/Scotia wedding with homemade food, an open bar with liquor flowing and lots of family drama that I,  thankfully wasn’t a part of. 1,310 more words

Random Me

Hello 40

Today I turned 40 years old. 40. The BIG 4-0! This is supposed to be one of those milestone birthdays, but I don’t feel any different. 49 more words


I have recently realised I am gay and not sure how I should ‘come out’?

There is no set way to ‘come out’. We are all individuals after all. The people closest to you, probably already know and the people who don’t know you that well. 109 more words


My Beta Reader Says I Am Breast Obsessed

I admit I didn’t know there was a name for friends and loved ones who read your unedited manuscripts to see if they make sense. But now I know: Beta Reader. 263 more words

Avoiding the Struggles of Being an Androgynous Lesbian

Since in my first two posts I decided to just jump right into explaining some of the struggles of being an androgynous lesbian, I’ve decided to leave this little gem here in order to help all of you avoid being one of the everyday struggles that androgynous lesbians deal with.  16 more words