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Accept That Gay IS Okay

I’m 13 and I’m bisexual.

The only reason I feel the need to write this is because I’ve been having a four day argument about gay people. 397 more words


The Premature Car

We’ve been whizzing about town for the last couple of years in a sexy-little-sporty-soft-top-two-seater-mobile.  Only having two seats in your car is inconvenient.  I mean it’s great for when you want to avoid giving lifts, but really annoying when there are more than two of you that need to get from A to B and someone has to end up in a taxi.  844 more words


Being single

I’ve been single for a couple of months now.  Before that I was living with the woman I thought I’d be with for the rest of my life.   414 more words


Thirty Nine

Monday afternoon and everything was quiet. Barely anyone was moving around campus, almost every TV was tuned to the news. There had been another attack over the night in the Dwarven  world, they had lost three great priests. 1,762 more words


Bad Girls - The Complete Nikki and Helen Love Story

Bad Girls was a british drama series taking place in a women’s prison. It featured a great romance between Nikki Wade, a lesbian inmate, and Helen Stewart, a prison administrator. 89 more words


Open Letter to Pope Francis: Help Save My Vocation

Guest Blogger: In an open letter to Pope Francis,  Benjamin Brenkert explains his decision to leave the Jesuits because of LGBTQ issues, and asks the pontiff to be stronger in his statements about LGBTQ equality. 1,004 more words


A Little About Me

I am female assigned at birth, 16, and I’m pansexual but I prefer girls. I’ve been dealing with a lot of gender issues lately, but they have been present since I was 14. 395 more words