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Miss me some lady loving.

Going to see someone tomorrow.


Letter to the Ex

Just because I haven’t seen you in 2 months it doesn’t mean I must be ecstatic when we meet

Just because you hug me tight it doesn’t mean I must hug you back… 357 more words


Thank you for the music

While it’s tempting to put another lovely picture of Buddha up here today, I’ll try to write something better than that! (Not better than Buddha, nothing is better than Buddha.) 401 more words

Kamasutra She Wrote Excerpts

Raka took a coquettish look and said, ‘You loved Tara. Not me. Do you really care for me?’
‘Of course I care. You are one of my closest friends whom I can trust and share my secrets.’ 536 more words



I’m a bad lesbian. First of all, I fell asleep for the best part of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt1. It’s J-Law running around being a bad ass in tight clothing, who even does that? 244 more words

Half out the closet

This “closet” everyone speaks of is an interesting metaphor. It’s almost like being in between crosswords. If you are still in then you can’t move on or at least not freely. 175 more words

My rant for the night!

On this Friday night, or more so, early Saturday morning, I am left with nothing but frustrations and disgust.

As a Peace Officer, I am required to deal with a lot of stuff in the hospitals. 736 more words