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Coming Out

I clutched my fists tightly, taking in my surroundings. My parents’ room was dimly lit; only two small Ikea lamps brightened the orange walls. I found the color of the walls comforting. 620 more words

Meghan B

how you are unknowingly offending same sex families

In my usual browsing of the internet recently, I came across quite a few articles/blogs written with titles along the lines of; “Why your son/daughter needs a dad/mom”. 691 more words


How my Breakup has Mended My Mom's Relationship with the LGBT Community 

Holy shit balls, here we go. Three years ago I sat in my mom’s PT Cruisers, trying to convince her that it could be worse. I could be using a plethora of drugs, failing my sophomore year of college, or piercing my nipples just for fun (I actually did do that, but that’s another story). 412 more words

African American

Tainted Re-tellings

It’s been almost two weeks now of having no contact with LF. I continue to feel like an asshole for not responding to the Christmas gift. 674 more words


Healing Pandora Pt 4.2: Lust Haiku

your voice in command

spreads my thick brown thighs. wider

the sweet wet aching

Random Me


Sunday, is ‘me’ day. I am most relaxed from being alone and getting shizz done! Sunday is ‘tidy my room’ day, ‘go for a walk’ day and ‘read alot’ day. 288 more words


Sylvie's Story Part II

“Sit on the rim. I want to give you something good,” Giulia told her, and she got up quickly, spilling water on the tiles outside. She picked at her bra straps as she balanced herself on the edge, and Giulia dipped below the water before emerging up to the nose and floating over, lifting her arms above the milky veneer to encircle her around the hips and press her cheek against the other’s warm thigh. 3,497 more words