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That One Time I Thought I Was A Lesbian

“Can I kiss it?”

My cheeks flushed as I shook my head no.

With a devilish smile on her face she kissed me and whispered, “I love you so much, can I kiss it?” 933 more words

A Man Raped Me, And I'm Still A Lesbian

She looked at me apologetically and said, “Not for nothing, but every lesbian I know has always had some traumatic experience with a man.” She said it as if I was supposed to cross my arms, look pensively at my shoes, and in my smallest voice say, “Well, there was this one night…” 280 more words

Born This Way? Sexual Science and the Invention of a Political Strategy

By Jana Funke

Gay politics today tend to be premised on the ‘born this way’ argument, the idea that being gay is not a matter of choice or preference, but rather an innate, natural and biologically conditioned fact of life. 1,210 more words

History Of Sexuality

Advancement of the senses

The mind has an endless array of methods for entertaining grand delusions, like an upperclass lady does dinner guests, wanted or otherwise. I spent years grabbing and grasping at idiotic fancies, forgeries and fakery, only to come to the conclusion that anything worth attaining does not, in the end, require a chase. 454 more words


Queer Patterns

“The final curtain had fallen, and backstage stage-hands were busy striking the set and disconnecting the powerful lights in the wings preparatory to placing them against the back wall for the night.” 284 more words


What Witness do you Trust?

The scriptures I hope.Too often we replace what we should trust when we read the scriptures and find we must stand apart from society, be those idealists, stand against the tides of mankind. 404 more words

From The Pastor

Pride 2014

I’ve now found the fortitude to speak openly about the encounters I had at Seattle Pride this past weekend, where I spent the day unabashedly shirtless. 808 more words

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