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Open your loveliness to me
reveal the mystery that is you
in dimmest night, shadows cast
upon supple contours true —
more so than the silver Moon… 166 more words


Sequestered Love

No lonely hours
can claim you

My fingers interlaced with yours
holding you down where you lay
with my passion building
shivering to and fro… 115 more words



Lover you are weak, but weak only with me.
Strong, yet vulnerable, apprehensive to
complete surrender. Anticipation of
the unknowning, yet while passion
is growing, I’ll drive you… 137 more words


The Kiss

Prelude to midnight
Pleasure and tenderness
Patient tongue pauses
Passionate craving
Poets pen poetry
Placed upon the lips

© Roxi St. Clair


Beneath The Stars

sun being swallowed by the sea while
sunset lovers and surf bids day gone
oceanic symphony, and sea birds cry
waves crashing, blending foam tide… 98 more words

Roxi St. Clair


reaching out you encased me
into the warmth of your arms
patiently guiding me through
this journey, you welcomed me
into your fantasy as my lips… 91 more words

Roxi St. Clair

Undressing You

When I write poetry to you
I undress you and cover you
in the warmth of my words
I wrap the moment like a blanket… 42 more words