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Get your ass on tumblr

If you’re not addicted to tumblr, there’s something wrong with you and we’re not friends. If you’re not addicted to OUR tumblr, shut the fuck up and follow it right now. 16 more words


Better Late Than Never

Some albums need a few days to digest. This is one of those albums. Check back as we review SIYA’s mixtape, Better Late Than Never. Check it out and let us know what you think.


Hey Homophobic asshat

Some fool just landed on my site after they searched Google with “Girl Scouts promote lesbianism”. For the record, it does not and only a homophobe would frame the search terms that way even if it was only internal homophobia. 125 more words

Not Just Another Submissives' Story

Part 1: Mia Served Me

I walked into the department store looking for a gift for a friend. As I walked by the accessories section, I saw a red headed woman whose skin was milky white dressed in a leather skirt with a small slit in the back with a white cotton blouse. 425 more words


Book review: One Saved to the Sea, by Catt Kingsgrave

I have no recollection of how this book ended up on my Kindle wish list, so I have to assume it was God. I believe in a benevolent God. 598 more words


Mormon church to respect gay rights under one condition. Reggae should do the same.

Today the Mormon church held a conference to say that they are willing to respect gay rights but only under one condition. The church, headquartered in Salt Lake City, says they will respect anti-discrimination laws for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, providing that those laws off the same level of protection to religious people. 408 more words

All About Music

Tasting Cara

I was at a conference for work. As I walked into the foyer of the hotel and I saw a bunch of people getting their name tags and conference materials. 651 more words

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