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I leave black breadcrumbs
on the insides of your thighs,
so I can find my way
home on the nights
your roommate turns out
the lights


A Beer Keg and a Turning Point

Kennedy walked up the driveway, triple checking that she was at the right house. She barely knew the people who were hosting this party and she really only was planning on going so she’d have an excuse to do something with Jordan. 5,250 more words

37% of Gay Men Admit Molesting Minors

by Charles Coughlin

An article from WXIA news reports “‘I think the fact that they kept files (on boy scout molestations) is astounding,’ Gainesville attorney Chandelle Summer told 11Alive News on Friday. 537 more words

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homosexual-pedophile-child-sodomy-sex-105715357192 This reblog offers statisical evidence that homosexuals are to a large degree interested in having sexual relations with minors. There is currently a movement afoot in America, popping up here and there, but not discussed in the article below, that is seeking to reduce the age of consent for sexual intercourse to age 12 or less. Age 12 is the age of consent in parts of Mexico. Those of us who live in a predominantly Mexican culture know that sex with children is one of the prominent characteristics of that culture. Expect gays to begin demanding the "right" to have sex with children now that the battle for gay marriage is nearly complete.

To Kiss or Not to Kiss…(Part 4)

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I see her outside the bookstore.

The night is dark and soft, like a translucent powder on her skin. She is smiling, talking. 811 more words


Book Review: A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend

This book has a bummer of a title, but it’s all right. Indeed, there’s a dead best friend– and there’s Cass, who’s still alive. Basically, it’s a story about how Cass learns to deal with the loss– and also falls in (teenage) love along the way. 66 more words

Book Review

Ending the year - week 23

When I start writing a blog post, I hardly start with a heading as I don’t know what all I will cover in my blog.  Wanted to start this blog with how much I enjoy this little blog world, the blog friends and all the sharing, feedback and comfort in this little world.   1,037 more words