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To Lick or Not To Lick.. That is The Question


after a month and half of masturbating. I get to have sex since me and my ex-boyfriend has broken up. i have been talking to a girl since Halloween. 310 more words

WHAT?! did you just ask me??

“How many periods do you have to have?”  Yeah, I did a double take, too. The question came from one of my sons’ friends. I looked at him like he had grown another head and asked him just what he meant. 805 more words

Artificial Insemination

WeChat, Lesbians and Stickers

One of the biggest China curses that come with being gay in China is the amount of terrifying stickers you gather on your WeChat.

So the WeChat is the Chinese version of Facebook and Whatsapp combined, and people send each other gifs. 141 more words

It's Not a Matter of IF, but WHEN!

I truly believe that I don’t have to worry IF I can marry Sylvia, but only a matter of WHEN can I marry her in Texas. 204 more words


All these gay marriage issues are so weird to me.

It’s so weird that these issues been around since early 1970′s. Since then and all the homosexuals were fighting for their right to get a normal life. 270 more words


Have You Ever Fallen In Love With a Hot Lesbian?

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be one of those parents who brag about their child’s ability to complete 1000 piece puzzles or their ability to form a story with multiple scenes. 1,086 more words



Well I have news! First off I passed my RAF interview a few weeks ago, and I have a date for my medical next month :-D and Second I have not only been on a second date, but a third date as well, which was earlier today, and there shall be a forth! WOOOOOO!!!! :-D