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Flash Furniture ZBLESLEY8090SOFABKGG Hercules Lesley Series Contemporary Black Leather

If you do not want to go wrong, you have to turn to the web in order to look for the contemporary beds that will rise up to all your demands. 325 more words


More of a man

I have just discovered that I am more of a man than I give myself credit for. Yes I am flawed like all human beings. And my flaws are what make me, me. 11 more words


“Maman, when can we go Chez Queek?” she asks, with her plaintive voice.
“Chez quoi?” I ask, unsure what she’s talking about.
“Chez Queeeeeeeeeeek. Queeeek. Queek.”

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My heart is heavy today for so many divergent reasons. For friends whose loved ones are ailing, for friends whose hearts are so so sad. For Fort Hood and Chile, the souls lost on the Malaysian Airlines flight and the people who love them. 103 more words


Reflections on Taste Carolina’s 5 Year Anniversary

It’s been five years since Joe and I launched our food tour business. I just looked through my 2009 Facebook posts, and I saw my status from March 17th of that year: “Lesley is launching a business…. 348 more words