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Everything You Do Can Lead To Something New.

The other day I took my first trampoline fitness class at Rebound Fitness. I was a little early and walked into this big loft building looking extremely lost. 444 more words


Most Roller Coasters Go Down Before They Even Out.

When you get on a roller coaster you put your hands up in the air and scream as the coaster drops down the steep hills at lightning speed. 699 more words


Sunday without rain

Today’s is a cheerful, passive sort of day, a Sunday.

I am again, unsurprisingly and unsurprisedly alone. There is no homework to do, only to scrounge up 11 dollars for a class book, learn Hebrew vocabulary, and do my fieldwork for the Ed school class. 185 more words

Here goes...nothing?

Hello, world.

Just a college freshman here, confused and suspicious of this new role.

My major is mathematics and high school education, though my purpose is to create and implement integrated math programs that raise the deepest questions in math to center stage, to emphasize questioning and reasoning rather than computation. 393 more words

Social anxiety and social media contests

The last few weeks a lot of people haven’t heard much from me. Mostly because I qualified for a chance of a lifetime. The chance to be Andre Akkari’s Protege. 273 more words


Red Rising by Pierce Brown

First Impressions
I had heard a lot of buzz about Red Rising online and in Entertainment Weekly, but when it came to the library for me I hesitated to read another dystopian novel. 295 more words

New Fiction