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Pink Rainbow

Everyone seems to have a soft spot for carnivorous plants. You’ll find quite a lot of them growing around Perth. This one is the prettily named Pink Rainbow (Drosera menziesii) which has pink flowers and sticky leaves to trap insects. 10 more words


Blue Squill

At a quick glance, you might mistake this flower for the Morning Iris in the previous entry on this blog. But it is actually a different plant altogether – for example, the leaves are completely different. 30 more words


Morning Iris

There was also plenty of this delicate blue/mauve Morning Iris (Orthrosanthus laxus) growing at Lesmurdie Falls when we were there last week. It’s another wildflower that is rated as being “Common” by the experts, but is very pretty for all that. 14 more words


Lesmurdie Falls

There are so many fantastic and beautiful places to visit in Western Australia!
Very recently, I went to Lesmurdie Falls just outside Perth. Swimming under a waterfall has been on my bucket list for a long time and I still haven’t checked it! 251 more words


Sticky Starflower

We also saw this spectacular Sticky Starflower (Calytrix glutinosa) at Lesmurdie Falls National Park last week.

Field guides to wildflowers describe this pretty pink flower as being “Common”. 20 more words


White Banjine

There was also plenty of this pretty White Banjine (Pimelea ciliate) growing beside the walking trail at Lesmurdie Falls National Park, which we visited during the past week. 27 more words


Lemon-scented Darwinia

A few days back we went for a hike along the walking trails at Lesmurdie Falls National Park, in the Perth Hills. There was an amazing display of spring wildflowers growing in the bushland, and many of them were species that we don’t see on the Swan Coastal Plain. 10 more words