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Cravings: Minimalism

Every so often, it strikes. It is ruthless. It chooses with abandon, flinging caution and “what ifs” to the wind, claiming that over-preparation is for suckers and who needs it, anyway? 1,055 more words

Less is more

Both me and The Lars took the easter weekend off and went to different places on the country side. I took the family and went to Lassbyn to visit my dear friends Fredrik and Anna. 153 more words

Life In Swedish Lapland

Family Traditions

Last week my family celebrated Easter.  On Good Friday, as I rolled up my sleeves early in the morning to begin mixing my  mothers recipe for Portuguese Sweet Bread I could feel the family lineage pulsing through my hands and arms as I was kneading the warm dough, hearing my mothers laughter and voice and feeling all the past relatives who prepared this same recipe or a similar family recipe. 329 more words


The new More is Less ...

Hello Ladies,

Telling someone to want and yearn for less sounds funny.  We always want more of everything, I love that commercial where the little girl keeps saying, “and you want more, you want more you want more.” 186 more words

Domestic Violence

Blue Leaves

I wrote this a couple years back on 4 pages of a steno book.  I was sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful day surrounding me- yet, I was thinking about all of the chaotic noise that surrounds us… all created by people.   166 more words

Writing As If It Doesn't Matter

The unbearable lightness of the smartphone

{once upon a time there was lightness which had
absolutely nothing to do with technology…}

There’s always so much to deal with. All those tweets, the links, random bookmarks, this and that. 345 more words

Social Media

Aliens: A Love Letter to Ripley

What a masterpiece.  Aliens is one of those few movies that I can watch again and again, an exceptionally good high-tension thriller in which you will learn to hate some of the humans even more than you fear the ostensible monsters.   1,135 more words