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Investing Activity: Sometimes the Simplest Solution...(Fun with Spreadsheets)

Investing is hard to teach.  Talk to personal finance teachers and ask them what concept they find most challenging to teach to high school students and many will tell you it is investing.   1,156 more words

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What's the Catch? Identity Theft Monitoring Services

Home Depot, Target, insert almost any retailer here.  Stories of data breaches abound so interest in credit monitoring or identity protection services are also growing.  Which makes the story this week about a fine levied on U.S. 450 more words

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Lesson Brainstorm: How to Protect Against Credit Card Fraud?

Home Depot’s massive credit card breach (over 50 million accounts impacted) offers an opportunity to teach your students about how they can protect their own identities as the hackers get more sophisticated.   193 more words

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A Lesson Extension Idea: Use A Q&A Forum To Engage Your Personal Finance Students

What better way to assess whether students have learned a concept or not…have them participate in an online Q&A Forum. I came across one today called the… 315 more words

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Lesson Brainstorm: What Matters When It Comes to Investing?

Been thinking about how best to educate students about investing a lot lately as I plot out a unit plan for investing on the NGPF platform (hope to have this done by late October).   229 more words

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Lesson idea: How To Choose A Checking Account

Wallet Hub is out with their 2014 Checking Account Cost Report .  Before diving into the details, the headline for their report can be summarized as:  The less you have in your account, the more you are likely to pay to have a checking account ( 177 more words

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Teach Students to Talk to Parents About Money

Reading this WSJ Blog post got me thinking about this issue of money talk within families:

“Money should not be a taboo subject. I often hear parents in stores say, “No, we can’t buy that.”  But the conversation ends there. 148 more words

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