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NGPF Featured Lesson: Needs vs. Wants

From Jessica Endlich Winkler, NGPF’s resident budget guru:

Our unit on Budgeting is a long one, but students will legitimately have all the tools they need to complete a thorough, well planned, strategic budget for living as an independent adult. 193 more words

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What's The Catch?: "Free Access to Credit Scores"

Here’s a fun activity for students that will teach them to be more savvy consumers when they see offers touting “free.”

  1. Have students google “free access to credit scores” and click on a 3-4 of the Google ads that appear atop and on the right hand side of the search page.
  2. 83 more words
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{ Aboriginal Art Project }


This project teaches students about Aboriginal art in the Australian bush. It’s a nice connection to social studies in the kindergarten classroom. This project will work on students fine motor skills and patterning skills as the dot and decorate the kangaroos. 138 more words

Question of the Day: What is Skimming?

I thought about an activity that might engage students to learn more about identity theft.  One popular way to steal an identity is through “skimming.”  What is skimming? 166 more words

Question Of The Day

Boeing 401K Plan: The Case of the Missing Millions

You have been hired by Boeing to figure out a mystery that has been bugging them.  When they looked at their company-wide 401K balances at the end of the year, they had almost $100 million less than they had expected.   416 more words

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Activity Idea: Service Project Teaches Savings Concept to Elementary School Students

Great service project idea for your high school students:  Develop a skit to teach younger students about an important personal finance concept:  saving, budgeting, being careful with your purchases, etc.. 118 more words

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Activity Idea: The Power of Habit

I have been meaning to write about this for some time now and then found someone (hat tip to Mr. Money Moustache) who did a much better job than I ever could have.   452 more words

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