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What Are Your Lemonade Stand Lessons?

This BBC article got me thinking about the important lessons we learn about money and work before we ever get to high school.  I found myself nodding my head in agreement over and over again as I worked my way though the article and reflected on my own childhood experiences as a dog-walker, paper boy and snow shoveler.   371 more words

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NGPF Featured Lesson: Your Health: Insurance & Other Costs

From Jessica Endlich Winkler:

We did it — we undertook the task of designing a budgeting lesson around the costs of maintaining your health. In some ways, it’s a pretty straightforward — will students choose to join a gym or will they find a way to workout for free? 339 more words

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Acting out Ebola

What does it mean to visualise data anyway? How do we understand the world around us?

These are the kind of questions that have been the focus of my year 10 mathematics students lately, and one of the big issues to look at lately has been the spread of the Ebola virus. 551 more words

A Mini-Lesson In Compound Interest: What If You Gave Up That Latte/Soda/Daily Small Purchase And Invested It?

What is known as the “latte factor” in personal finance goes something like this…if you skipped that latte and invested it you would have $2 million dollars in 30 years.   258 more words

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Lesson Idea: Why Did Amazon's Stock Price Drop 10% After They Reported Earnings Today?

The day that Amazon reports earnings tends to be a volatile one and today is no exception, with its stock price dropping 10%.

While I am not a fan of encouraging students to go the active route and pick stocks (I’m a… 486 more words

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Lesson Idea: Evaluating Apple Pay

The world of payments is abuzz with news of Apple Pay which officially launched on Monday.  The concept:  instead of carrying credit cards you make payments swiping your IPhone 6 (not available on earlier models) using a technology called NFC ( 749 more words

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NGPF Featured Lesson: The Cost of Commuting

From Jessica Endlich Winkler, our curriculum guru:

If you’re following along with our featured lessons, we’ve been walking you through our unit on Budgeting. A friend reviewed our last lesson and pointed out that this unit is not only useful for post-college grads, but for any young adult about to set off on his or her own for the first time, including students transitioning out of foster care. 186 more words

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