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Activity Idea: Student Loan Repayment

This is a topic that I dreaded trying to teach.  When you look at the changing regulatory environment, the alphabet soup involved (IBR, ICR, PYE, etc.), the myriad repayment options (6 at last count) and the math calculations, it can seem a tad overwhelming. 291 more words


Simulation Activity: How Does Online Banking Work?

I found this excellent simulation to teach students about how to manage an online banking account.   Please note that the simulation comes via a UK company so currency is in pounds and the date is formatted as DD/MM/YY. 514 more words

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Lesson Idea: Who Has the Best Wireless Phone Plan?

This NYT article caught my attention recently as it described how challenging it is for consumers to analyze cell phone offers:

One wireless phone plan allows customers to upgrade to a new phone in less than two years. 466 more words

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Literary Lucha Libre

Literary lucha libre: It’s a battle of words between writers wearing luchador wrestling masks.

Husband and wife tag team Christopher Vazquez and Angie Silva founded an event for Peru’s up and coming writers to compete in the ring, based on the Mexican wrestling tradition of agile men in colorful masks and iridescent, tight-fitting outfits who try to pin each other to the ground. 229 more words

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Writing Activity Inspired by Artist Javier Perez aka Cintascotch

Javier Perez takes common objects and draws doodles around them. What if you took a line or two from a famous novel and had students use it in their writing. 100 more words

Fun Activities

Using Twitter Chats As A Learning or Assessment Tool


I’ll write a longer post later, but I wanted to provide three resources if you are thinking of doing a Twitter chat with your class, especially in an English/Literature class: 128 more words

Fun Activities

55 Journal Writing or Writing Prompt Ideas

Here are some problems with journal writing:

  • Sometimes you get some really personal stuff and then it’s worry, scurry find the psychologist- hurry, hurry. Of course you want students to be able to approach you if you need help, but asking students to constantly approach topics from their own personal experience just invites the psych couch experience and sometimes that not what you need from them.
  • 589 more words