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Teacher Tuesday: Biography cubes

An excellent activity for any classes studying within the topic Talking about other people which seems to crop up in any TEFL textbook I have had thrust on me.   255 more words



Full credit for this lesson goes to my friend and colleague Hugh. Cheers Hugh!

The Motion
The title of the debate, for example: “This house believes it is better to be intelligent and unhappy rather than stupid and happy… 229 more words


Teacher Tuesday: ReBeats NEW online learning resource

ReBeats is an online game that aims to improve English language learning through listening to music.  Using a simple fill in the gaps format, users watch a music video and select the correct word from two options to complete the lyrics of the song. 699 more words


How do the roles of men and women complement each other in families?

What an inspired group of topics we have to choose from this month from Come Follow Me.  Today I’ve been studying a bit to help my hubby with his Priest Quorum lesson for tomorrow, and felt compelled to post a few thoughts. 1,023 more words


Investigating Pi

Confession time… I think this is probably one of a few lessons that I can hand on heart say that my pupils are truly discovering maths without my lead.   502 more words


My daughter, Rose Marie Morehead, is a four-year-old tornado. She is full of personality and attitude. Like all girls and toddlers, she rattles constantly and can ask 60 questions a minute. 757 more words

Worship Wednesday

Summer Lesson Building (AP Statistics Defining Variables)

With EOC scores out and AP scores about to go live, it’s time to start building next year’s curriculum. I am moving forward on the assumption that I’ll be teaching the same preps next year (as dangerous as that may be). 189 more words