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Inside my Classroom: Take This Lollipop - creepy internet safety resource

Take This Lollipop is an online interactive film that has been around since 2010 and I have used it time and time again both back in the UK in a youth work setting, and in my ESL teaching here in Thailand. 391 more words


Case Study: Paying for College

Susan Smith looked at her calendar and couldn’t believe it was April already.  As a College Counselor at GoodTimes High School, she always looked forward to this time of the year.   1,660 more words

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The Ultimate Scottish Mathematician

The history teacher in my school is organising a carousel lesson where pupils will learn about important Scots in various fields and then will debate it out/vote for the ‘ultimate’ or most important Scot.   75 more words

Lesson Idea: What If People Who Play the Lottery Decided to Save or Invest?

This NY Times article about prize-linked savings accounts got me thinking about the popularity of lotteries:

“While building up savings offers the best route out of poverty, the glamourless grind of socking away a dollar here and there has a tough time competing with the heady fantasy of a Mega Millions jackpot. 337 more words

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Developing Financially Savvy Students: Comparing the Credit Card Comparison Sites

WSJ out with article earlier this week about inherent conflicts of interest with credit card comparison sites.  When your largest source of revenue comes from the products you are trying to compare, you better have a Chinese wall between advertising and editorial.   644 more words

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What Do Students Need to Know About the FAFSA?

Like an author writing a book, a curriculum developer also starts their process with that all too intimidating “blank sheet of paper.”  That is one of my favorite aspects of helping build out NextGen’s Personal Finance curriculum.   333 more words

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