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William Blake 4 Week Lesson Plan

William Blake’s Divine Comedies

Exhibition: to the NGV to see William Blake’s “Divine Comedies” illustration.

Outcome: for the students to paint their own version of a section from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedies’ using techniques that William Blake used. 647 more words


Lesson Plan - Surrealism Techniques

As a follow-up lesson to the surrealist lesson plan, this one covers techniques like magnification, minification, substitution, reversals, fragmenting, etc.

The project is using ordinary objects to transform into something new, like a lipstick into a lamp post, etc. 70 more words


Lesson Plan - Surrealism

It’s a surrealism lesson plan for you to use! It’s only my second one ever, so it might not be amazing. But it did ok with an audience! 36 more words


Lesson Plan - Documentary Photography

Lesson Plan for documentary photography! The first lesson plan I ever did. I think it turned out to maybe be a bit extreme for my first lesson plan, discussing ethics and all, but it went okay in the end. 84 more words


Lesson Plan Idea - Self-Portraits

1. Students draw themselves from a head and shoulders perspective concentrating on line, shape, and form, using only pencil on an A3 page.

2. Self portrait using oil paint to explore line, tone, and shape along with colour and balance, maybe symmetry. 121 more words