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I was walking along the nature trail near my school. It was quiet, the kind of quiet that feels like peace. As I was walking, I saw an elderly woman making her way with a cane. 290 more words

always remember

the most important thing that I need to learn:


  1. in reality
  2. truth
  3. myself
  4. the past
  5. my potential
  6. God’s guidance
  7. trusting others
  8. taking the risk…
  9. 74 more words

Moving On

It’s easy to say “move on girl, there are other fishes in the ocean”, “move on!”, “move on..” but NO as in N.O. It’s not that easy. 126 more words


Revisiting Plot Structure-September 2nd, 2014

Plot structure is an elementary school standard, however it always needs to reviewed and explored even deeper than in the previous year. This is what we started today. 233 more words


Baby Lessons

Teaching babies a lesson is very important.

They need to know they’re not in charge and that they fit in my mouth and I’m bigger and I’m stronger and I’m meaner and that means I’m in charge. 165 more words


closure for the brokenhearted

we all have had that experience that just leaves a avoid in our hearts that seems to last forever and we don’t know why someone would leave us. 782 more words


A lesson learned

Over the weekend we had a major equipment malfunction. The refrigerator, which has been slowly dying, decided to make my life difficult. The bottom stopped being cold and the freezer cooled down to refrigerator levels. 235 more words