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Swedish - Unit 1: Core Lesson.

I’ve decided the only way for me to keep motivated in learning Swedish again is to start right from the beginning and keep a record of what I’ve been learning. 231 more words


Father's Wisdom pt 2

I used to seriously wonder if I was adopted.

When I was IQ tested at a young age my mother refused to tell me the score.   1,063 more words


Darkness Gets Bigger

Prior to July 27, I was pretty against any Fall Out Boy song. But after being persuaded to go to their concert free of charge, Pete Wentz mentioned a practical, simple message in the form of nine words “Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger.” Don’t you ever feel like a storm is following you, yet the sun is shining only a few feet in front of you (especially in Florida)? 226 more words


Off the Clutch, Give it Some Gas

So as night fell and the base seemed quiet, I asked Husband to take me out to practice driving the rental which is also a stick shift. 326 more words


The Painful Truth about Head Position

So my little spiel to myself is holding.  Yesterday was a great lesson with no hint of panic.  Since my mind wasn’t drifting into the dark side, I think I ended up with a new appreciation for what we are doing.  923 more words


The car headlights

You are driving on the road with no street lights and barely a car can be seen in the middle of night. Perhaps it’s the longest dark desert highway you’ve ever be on. 484 more words


Real World Lessons: What You'll Actually Do At Work

Going out into the real world is one of the biggest steps for any person to take; finding an apartment, buying a car, and finding a job can cause lots of stress. 246 more words