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Dressage Boot Camp: Lesson #3

Today was all about transitions.  Which is thankfully something we could work on at reasonably low speeds because A) Cally’s left front shoe isn’t as well affixed as one might hope (hallelujah, farrier is coming Thursday!) and B) she was more than a little frisky/spooky warming up.  828 more words

Madman and the people-killer

This is the second most famous story of Naranath Bhranthan of Parayi Pettta Panthirukulam that I would like to retell here.

The second story is about the “people-killer”. 336 more words


Even when things aren’t going according to plan I am constantly reminding myself that I don’t have control. Not over anything, except myself. Even when my decisions haven’t been the most sound, even recently, I know that things happen for a reason- even the sucky things. 239 more words


Why Creativity is a Double-Edged Sword

Think back two years ago when I was content and also an aspiring writer.

It was a hopeful era, having just survived the biggest bout of depression to ever hit a thirteen year old and leave her reeling. 932 more words


TurnSpotting or Spin Like a Man

So it appears that the spin is in. I have not had to do a lot of spins in my day but that is changing. Certainly there are steps in the Viennese Waltz that are close and there are walk around turns but its not really the same thing. 696 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Interesting conversation with my Mom

I haven’t been good at posting over the last two months, as I’m sure happens with everyone life tends to get in the way, especially over the holidays.   364 more words


Where do I find meaning and hope? = Kids' movies and Norway

I have always loved certain movie scenes and song lyrics. I often find meaning in the most mainstream songs and movies, and maybe I read too much into them. 535 more words