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Yesterday, I experienced something which is mind blowing. I got 85 views on my blog and for that I can’t thank you enough guys. Though it’s nothing compare to other blogs and I only got few followers, yesterday was still something that I owe to you guys. 77 more words



You really can’t stop others to say something bad about you but you can make them eat what they have said.




A life lesson that many of us need to learn but often don’t realise, I learnt this lesson due to my father, I was always disappointed when he acted in a way that wasn’t how I wished he had but this wasn’t his fault, he was being the man he had always been but it was my expectation in him that brought me sorrow. 281 more words



The more we try to understand this universe we live in, the more confusing it gets.

The old schools in every religion say that the truth is inside of us, modern science is discovering that our reality is a reflexion of our inner images and, spirituality teaches us that “as it is within, it is without”. 459 more words


The Past Revisited 1

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Year twenty something, medyo uso pa ang Chinese garter..

Slouching is never an option. 1,177 more words


Croissants and Squirrels

In the beginning, the Food God (a talking cookie) created the hummus heavens and the eclair earth. And Food God said, “Let there be a buttery vessel that will teach Stephanie a lesson about animation!”, and there were croissants. 1,029 more words