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Iphone 6

Hey guys,

So on friday I was among the masses awaiting impatiently for my new iPhone 6 to be delivered. I wasn’t going to upgrade my iPhone 4s , I mean its 2 1/2 years old and doesn’t have a scratch, ding, or dent on it so why would I spend the money? 257 more words

QFD by Mandy Hale

‘People are sent in our lives to teach us things that we need to learn about ourselves.’ by Mandy Hale


Day 2 - Week 1: Introduction to Python/Pygame Programming

Ah yes, it’s that time again. Week 2 stared last Friday evening, but I finished the work over the weekend and completed the project today. I figured the same day I completed the project would be a good time to talk about what we had learned in the same sense. 638 more words

Blog Post

Go Go Pedagogy!

Last week heralded the start of the status quo for the rest of this half of term. Monday and Tuesday will be days at university, Wednesday through to Friday will be days at school. 176 more words

Reclaiming the Other F Word

“Oh, you’re one of those…” is a phrase I hear more often than I would ever expect to in this day and age. See, I’m a hyphenator. 917 more words


The Fight To Survive

As I stood there with the sun blinding my vision, I felt frozen to the ground.

A million voices shouting in my head trying to pacify my rage. 224 more words


A Revelation: Don't sell yourself short

Dammn…I’m tired.

There was a lack of posts last week due to work being super crazy and at DEFCON 1 because of an unannounced regulatory agency visit. 771 more words