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Daily Prompt - Recently Acquired

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

It’s interesting to think about the previous month and the interactions that I’ve had with not just my blog, but the blogs of other people, and I’ve realised just how time consuming blogging can be.

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Writing Challenge

Learn from Your Journey

Life is a long journey. No matter it is a good, bad, painful or wonderful one, I hope you will get something out of it.

~ Next Big Step


The Year Ahead

Once again, it’s that time where many people are reflecting on their progress with last year’s resolutions and making up a list for the New Year. 445 more words

Regret, I will get over you.

One of the most difficult things any person has to deal with, is without a doubt regret. Not even a few days goes by and you had already done something you regret. 386 more words


Fairy Tree Part III

The subject was discussed further as the two men finished their drinks and ordered another round. Charlie Healey had been attracted by the deep and occasionally animated conversation that his two customers had been having. 769 more words

First Draft

Somebody Else...

I know we can’t turn back time, I know we can’t right those wrongs, but at least inside my mind, it doesn’t feel like you’re gone…. 10 more words


Its All about Perspective

I gave my Farewell Talk earlier this week, (on Sunday, December 14th- to be exact.) I actually had to give two talks that same day at different chapels; one at my family ward and the other at the singles ward. 658 more words