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Greatest Hits: Track #3--Satisfying Glory

Keystone Youth Ministry

Greatest Hits—The Best of Keystone Youth Ministry

Week # 3

4.614 & 4.16.14

Purpose:  Replay the essentials of Keystone Youth Ministry.

Week 2:  Satisfying Glory– 1,106 more words


H.I.M.Y.M lessons

- Nothing good ever happens after 2am.

- Life is short, enjoy moments of now.

- As long as we feel it’s right, chasing something we don’t know where will it end is still more beautiful than being scared and letting things go. 88 more words


No Approval Needed

I’ve been taking a good, hard look at some things that I have been facing lately. I have noticed that when it comes to being happy, seeking approval from other people who don’t give a flying squirrel about you is not the way to go. 475 more words

Easter Explained Lesson

Keystone Youth Ministry

Special Edition:  Easter Explained


Easter Unrated

  • Purpose:  Retell the old but better Easter Story.
  • Main Points:

o   Unlike Isaac…Jesus actually experienced total torture on the cross. 1,345 more words


Money 101: Personal Finance and Money Management Basics

I know you really do not want to hear this; and especially not from me, but your parents were right: START SAVING NOW!

I know your parents were right about this, because mine were, and parents really are not that different from each other. 1,300 more words


Strength in Death

My parents have been out of town for about two weeks now.  My mom had to go for business and my dad followed along for leisure.   560 more words

Life...And Death.

Early this morning we received the most devastating news at work. Our colleague had tragically passed away early in the morning while undergoing treatment in the hospital. 450 more words