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My Masters 2013-14

As we go about our lives, it is important to reflect. What can we take from a particular experience and how can this help us become better? 3,002 more words

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Change For The Poor Please!

The fact is, if life is not going the way you want it and you aren’t doing anything about it, then you need to CHANGE! 306 more words


Striving for Success

We achieve and become successful in living life correctly. This is the greatest lesson life can teach us because we have moved beyond the simple views of happiness, the simple views of ourselves, selfless in our ways of living amongst compassion and loving-kindness toward all human beings or any beings that ever existed in this universe. 31 more words


Watch Your Step

Since I was little, there have been intense moments of independence, followed by immediate crawl-backs to my safety net. It’s one or the other, never an even keel. 754 more words


Are We Still Prejudiced?

It’s the year 2014 in case you didn’t notice and people are still in their embryonic stage of understanding how humanity works. We have the ability to think freely yet our judgement is clouded. 268 more words


Tension and anxious

So worked up today about my lesson, think its because it’s windy outside and I don’t want to screw up this close to test day. Don’t want to knock my confidence. 46 more words

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