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The bombing of GAZA and the steady methodical extermination of the children in GAZA has created a strange urgency in me to give out what I have in wisdom, donations and what I have as skills ……. 1,122 more words

Lessons In Life

156 What I Miss the Most

I was in my office this morning listening to the latest Coverville podcast, and a cover of Hooked on a Feeling came on. Suddenly I found myself dancing in my chair and singing out loud.

Lessons In Life

The Narcissist Question

“You sound like a bit of a narcissist.”

This was directed at me by someone who read my blog recently, someone who took offence to a past post. 1,189 more words

Personal Views

Mission Experience--Meetings

So…Once again it’s been a long time, but I will attempt to finish the two remaining ME posts tonight–so that the series will finally be completed. 736 more words

Here and there...

Ok…I’ve tried the Briyanis at many outlets in Chennai. They don’t even reach the basic standard level. Either it tastes like tomato rice (red color) or pepper rice (black color) or curry leaves rice (green color) with a piece of chicken in it and to add to my anger, one boiled egg will be occupying most of the place in that small container.   495 more words

The Beginning

22 Little Things my Mother Taught Me

How to love unconditionally

She leads with empathy and grace. No matter how I acted or what hurtful things I said she always looks forward and never brings up anything of the past. 1,793 more words

Food For Thought

No e-mail messages. No appointments. Now what?

Monday morning I turned on my computer, opened my email to find this message: You have no mail. No Appointments. Please enjoy your day. I thought to myself, “I’ve never seen that message before, now what”? 753 more words

Lessons In Life