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Three Questionable Applications of Feminism

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Hi, my name is betternotbroken, and I am a recovering misogynist.

Forgive me for I have sinned, yet again.

That concludes my confession. 1,428 more words


The Carrot and the Stick: 3 Treats Used to Gaslight You

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People stay in abusive situations because it is not abusive 24/7 or it at least does not seem abusive 24/7 because of the tactics used by the predator. 944 more words


36 Reasons I'm Late for Everything

Once upon a time I was a punctual person. Actually, I mostly still am. Okay, sometimes. Alright, alright, occasionally I arrive on time or even a smidge early. 240 more words


What I Learned from Domestic Violence and You Can Too!

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1. Violence is violence, there is no need for the term “domestic.” 

Gee, I sure wish I could help you with the whole feminist domestic violence crapola but I cannot. 1,161 more words


Refrigerated Evil

I was multi-tasking like a pro. Serving lunch, putting away groceries, folding laundry, chopping up veggies for dinner – wait, what happened in the veggie drawer? 505 more words

Random Bananas

Ode to the Amygdala: Why All Abuse is Physical Abuse

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“And someday you will meet a man,” she stopped.

I smiled.

“You don’t want to find a man,” my friend said in a non-judgmental factual, because she was correct and stating a fact, tone. 686 more words


Good Help is Hard to Find: What to Say to Someone in Need

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“Some lady in the Valley called the police,” my mother said. “Lurleen told her to, and I was shocked. It wasn’t me, I simply asked her for help and then she turned on both you and me.” 1,209 more words