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One thing I WILL post to Facebook...

I seem to have done an odd job of representing myself on Facebook. I think most of us do, to some degree or another. I mostly post opinions I feel VERY strongly about, or links to articles that deal with a subject that I have STRONG opinions on. 1,110 more words

Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Five Signs Your Support Network Is Toxic

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After trauma, abuse, conflict or when struggling with daily life in general many of us just want to hide and be alone, however it is often when you want to stay away from people who you need to connect the most. 928 more words


A Rose is a Rose is a . . . Not a Daffodil.

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Syphilis was not my first guess, nor my second, or even my third.

A parasite maybe, a penis perhaps, but not a sexually transmitted venereal disease caused by a corkscrew-shaped bacterium known as a spirochete… 646 more words


Watermelon Wasteland

Once there was a tired mom who groggily dragged herself downstairs. All poor mom wanted was a cup of coffee. She could almost taste it. 188 more words


Four Sly Abusive Tactics, So Sneaky You May Ignore Them

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1. Sleep Deprivation 

Hey, are you awake? They are going to set me up tomorrow, I need your help. Hey are you awake? 855 more words


Magical Thinking, Cognitive Dissonance or Both?

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“Did you just see that?”

My sister replied, “I saw a banana.”

“Yes, a giant banana!”

“The banana got out of his Volkswagon bus, then went into the gym to watch a basketball game with his friend.” 1,028 more words


Ten Lies Abusive People Tell

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1. I could be so much more than I am now, but my commitment to you is holding me back.

They could be a CEO of a big company, just pick a company, any company, the president of something or other, a meteorologist, a famous explorer, even the Dalai Lama, but no, NO! 747 more words