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Four Signs You Have a Trauma Bond With Your Partner

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1. You believe your choice to sacrifice all contact with the outside world and your ability to take a punch, survive a chokehold, and walk away from brawls inside your home are testaments of your strength, loyalty, undying love for your partner. 786 more words


Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself
is the beginning
of all wisdom.


The Gaslighter's Script: So Unoriginal

Are you being gaslighted?


I don’t know are you?


Are you asking enough questions of enough people? Are you verifying information? Are you staying grounded with a variety of diverse people or feeling isolated? 1,185 more words


Fighting the Oppressive Mindset with More Questions and Fewer Shots

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Trigger Alert: I am at it again, talk of violence, responsiblity and victim blaming, read at own risk and consider skipping if you are “having a day.” 1,755 more words


DIY Cheese Strings

Parents, are you like me and feel that cheese strings are an overly-processed waste of money? Then have I got a solution for you. Read on to learn my incredibly easy way to make wholesome, 100% Real Canadian Cheese strings that fit any budget. 132 more words


A Fish May Not Need a Bicycle but a Woman in SoCal Needs a Car

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I kid you not, he said it exactly like this, “Und your name iz?”

“Betternotbroken,” I replied, irritated that I had already addressed this issue on the phone. 439 more words


A Heart Most Longing

The problem when you are a strong, capable, self-confident person, is that more often than not, people think that you don’t really need things like comfort, reassurance, loyalty and guidance. 108 more words

Learning To Be Happy