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Hypervigilance, the Drama Triangle, and the Sum of Karma

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I have no idea why I attacked Pope Francis on social media.

However I do know why this email was sent out: 898 more words


Women vs. Women and Secondary Wounding 

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betternotbroken:  Best wishes for a successful, lucrative fundraiser. Thank you for all you did for me, my friend. Give my regards to Mavis Leno. 1,375 more words


Random Gratitude Post and a Sign Closure is Possible

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I was all prepared to do a photo layout tribute to the cultures of the world and the continued Melting Pot that is the United States and even ready to concede that dessert with prunes and rice is not inedible and thereby a double negative making it edible when as fate would have it, yes magical thinking continues, I did not get served baked ziti at a Thanksgiving event. 365 more words


Ethnic Pride, a Case for Individual Therapy and an Unspoken but Popular Form of Abuse

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I accept you into our fold even though you are not technically one of us, and well, never will be too bad for you.  778 more words


Make a List and Check it Twice: Buy Your Crazy Male Legos and Offensive Pink Ones

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Sorry, we did not find results for boy scientist.

Sorry, we did not find results for male scientist.

Sorry, we did not find results for… 1,332 more words


Five Unacceptable Explanations of Abuse

1.  My job that supports your way of life is stressful and my boss is a jerk.

Everything I do is for you and the family but my boss is out to get me and the stress from him and my competition is unbearable.  834 more words


What is a Primary Aggressor?

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So you see, the story is not quite as you were told . . .

As it turns out, Malificent did not need a castle or to rebuild one and survived quite well without the palace having never made such a property a priority in her youth. 684 more words