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Year in Review 2014

If I had to pick a word to describe this year it would be Cycle. In 2013, I spent a lot of time focused on writing and sending out publications, which culminated in 7 published poems. 525 more words

Creative Process

Don't Panic - When Bad Things Happen

Don’t Panic

Although the situation I am about to describe was successfully resolved, I felt compelled to share this event with you. Times like this expose our vulnerabilities and reinforce the adage to “expect the unexpected”. 1,156 more words

Advanced Lean Manufacturing

Ding dong Merrily!

Well, would ya look at that?

It’s only the 21st and I have all my Christmas shopping done. Not only that but I am at my cousin’s wedding in a couple of days and I have got new clothes bought… 32 more words


9 ways to date God's way

Ahhh dating.  Simultaneously the best and worst thing.  So fun, so nerve-wracking, at times so confusing, at times so disappointing, at times so filled with hope and promise… It’s so much trial and error, but there is so much to be learned in that time looking for Mr. 1,590 more words

Living For Jesus

ellec20 reblogged this on Thriving through Life and commented:

Definitely some very wise points in this post! I especially love her point about getting to know yourself in Christ first rather than trying to find Mr./Mrs. Right. That is so true! Finding your complete fulfillment in Christ will diminish the times you could get dissatisfied with your significant other because they didn't meet your expectations. If Christ already has satisfied all your needs, it won't bother you as much when your boy/girlfriend has a "human" moment. Your needs have already been satisfied by Christ!

Thank you infertility

If you had told me five, three or even one year ago that someday I would be thankful for my infertility, I’m pretty sure I would have clawed your eyes out. 355 more words

Private Adoption

To Have It All Figured Out...

To whoever told me when I was younger that I would have life figured out by the time I graduate college, I would love to take you to lunch and get wisdom from you so I can figure out my life. 741 more words

Lessons Learned

A good time, not a long time - an earworm share

Have had this particularly apt & persistent earworm since Thursday night when I was getting ready for my 4th goodbye dinner in 3 months:

My Journey