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Maybe This Is Why My Exes Keep Coming Back

I started thinking about this after my post about running into my ex had a lot of conversation happening. I am so glad I am not alone in wondering what if about an ex, and knowing that I have support and outside opinions from all of you. 619 more words

Lessons Learned

Honouring the Dead to end all War : Remembering the start of World War 1

Honouring the Dead to end all War

Kevin P Clements

Monday the 4th August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One. 704 more words


Getting real

So a designer I like posted a link to this post today, written by Lisa Marie Basile, who is, by her own reckoning, neither fat nor skinny, and how she feels pressure, primarily from other women, to pick a side (the sides, presumably, being the binary options of “fat girl” or “skinny girl,” an identity based on her body, while simultaneously being rejected by both sides by not being enough of either, since she is an “in-betweenie.” 2,442 more words


Lessons Learned from Motherhood

No matter how independent you are, you can never not be your mother’s child. In the deepest confines of your heart, you still crave for her tender words, her hands ruffling your hair, or to rest your head on her bosom.

Amma's Corner


That number looks too much like a signature marathon brag: “26.2”. Makes my knees tremble with remembered agony, and I never even made it farther than half that distance.  200 more words

Taste Test

 Since that first taste of ‘Babies’ milk I have been researching about the taste of goat milk . I do this with every question that arises . 535 more words

Lessons Learned