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loving others more than Jesus

I used to build relationships in order to point people to Jesus. However, I kept running into the same problem:

The relationship would become so important to me that I was often afraid to jeopardize it by talking about Jesus in any meaningful way.

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Disciple Making

Who can explain good fortune?

What is good fortune.  Is it money?  Is it a situation? A person? A thing? Example? Technically it can be all of these things.  Does everything really happen for a reason?   517 more words

Self Development


I’ve never been more… broken.

That’s it. I’m calling it quits and done and over because I’m so tired and I deserve so much better. 492 more words


Treetop Adventure

Sunday was the first time I’ve ever experienced a terror-induced cold sweat.  And I paid money for it.  And it was worth every cent.  Just in case that sounds appealing to you, here’s a link: … 1,615 more words

Shenanigans And Adventures

Unrealistic Expectations About Life: The Disney Version

This is an old term paper I came across while doing an unrelated search on my computer.  It was written my sophomore year of college / 5 years ago.   3,681 more words


How Adults’ Ways of Coping with Disappointments Affect the Child…


From the mind of Murray, B., clinical psychologist…

“If the adults can pull through their disappointments, then, the kids will feel that sense of security”. 162 more words


Lessons Learned: Story Structure and Being Clever

Mike and I watched All is Lost, a movie written and directed by J.C. Chandor. The only star is Robert Redford, and the movie theme is about man versus nature. 591 more words

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