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Growing Up with Children


As people become parents, they would go about hurriedly, to try to plan out their kids’ futures, to NOT let their own offspring lose at the starting lines. 507 more words


Hearts Turned to Stone

Ooh, ooh, ooh, did your hearts gaze UPON Medusa’s Head?  So, how come they’re stone now?

Hearts turned to stone, perhaps, the hearts that’d been turned to stone had weathered through too much, and they just can’t feel anything anymore, like the end of the catharsis how ALL your emotions are drained out, and, you simply just can’t feel a single thing NO (and your point being???) more?   110 more words



Where an I going with this concept of worth? Self worth. I still tend to believe when I am deemed worthy, I will be granted more insight, more tools, more abilities on this journey. 331 more words

Personal Exploration

No shortcuts here!

I’m not a cheater.  I’ve never cheated on a test and never manage to take shortcuts.  Never even joined a pace group on an IM race (grrr, such a pet peeve of mine!).  415 more words


Lesson 231 News in an Age of Imagery

Much of what is reported about the world today is influenced, and many times actually shaped, by the compelling appeal of cameras and images. And more and more people every day get all of their news from the Internet, which is loaded with dramatic and abbreviated visual accounts of complex events. 281 more words

Lessons Learned

Summer Adventures

Hello friends.

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve wanted to write to you, but somehow the words wouldn’t come. But the summer is finally over and it’s time for me to speak. 616 more words

Intimidating? Me?

Defined: Intimidate means to make timid or fearful; to overawe as through the force of personality through superior display of skill or talent.

Okay, so at work last night, this guy, a colleague with much more education than I have says to me… “You’re intimidating.” And I responded with a surprised questioning in my voice, “me? 224 more words

Lessons Learned