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Monday morning quarterbacking the vacation

We had a great time in Tuscany earlier this month.  As we prepare for Munich in a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what we could have done better.  565 more words


“It’s 4:13. It’s been exactly 24 hours since I set the microwave on fire!” My son proudly makes this announcement as he’s packing to leave for the holiday. 574 more words

Relaxed and open

1) Keep an open space between the thumb and the side of the hand. (This will force a good hand position anyhow, else I can’t get my fingers where I need them.) 129 more words

Giving thanks ...

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the US, it seems an appropriate time to give thanks to the many equines who have graced my life.  1,339 more words

My Journey

DRAFT: What does it mean to be remarkable?

I love words. I love stating what they mean. I love learning about what they mean to me. In other words how can I connect that word or associated with a fact, a process, or a goal of mine. 477 more words

Lessons Learned

Lesson 245 The World as a Television Program

When you are accessing an event in the real world you make all the judgments about its size and scope on your own. You focus on the activity that attracts your interests. 376 more words

Lessons Learned

Body Image

Everyone has their own Thanksgiving traditions. Personally, I love watching the Today show before the parade where they tell stories about the do-gooders of the world and the children that overcame illnesses. 886 more words

Lessons Learned